April - May 2021 Newsletter

While you’re at home, here’s some new features & updates you might’ve missed
Exhaustive Question Paper Making
Now create your own question paper structure and customise the sequence of questions, edit the space provided for answers, set page breaks where required and so much more.
The most cool part, you can generate a question paper with individual student details or a common paper at a class level.
Easy Report Card Generation for Branch Shuffled Students
Generate report cards for students who shifted from one branch to another branch within the same academic year. In case a student is promoted and then shifted to another branch, the previous grade’s report is displayed in the new branch.
Convenient Student Promotion
For staff’s convenience we are now listing all classes in the respective dropdown at the time of student promotion. We made this change as not all schools follow a sequence in creating classes.
Efficient Teacher Management
You can now search teachers using the Staff Type filter and assign them to a class or subject.
Learn About Inactive Students
To get an insight into inactive students when needed, you can update details such as birth place, country, state, city, village, sub-caste, etc..
Period Wise Attendance
View students’ attendance list as per roll numbers and enrollment code (in case there are no roll numbers).
Add New Installments
The new filter in the Edit Fee Plan Amount page allows you to choose to “Add New Installment” and then apply it to students it is applicable for.
Student Contact Details Report
Users can now add student group data to Contact Details Report by simply adding or removing columns.
At-A-Glance View at Admissions’ Count
Users can now at-a-glance view at the count of Active, Inactive, and All Admissions, Applications & Enquiries applying the new filters.
Send Email Tabs
In HR Staff Details, we’ve disabled the send login details tab for users under staff. However, System Admin can generate a link for them.

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