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April 2022 Newsletter

It gives us great delight to bring you a fresh update on our MCB platform. Given our product's versatility and scalability, we optimize our platform's functions with the latest tool integrations to bring our clients a seamless experience of our MCB platform. So check out our new updates, which are at the forefront of the ongoing digital transformation of education.

New Feature Addition

Check Student Address on Google Maps

Pinpoint the number of students in the vicinity of the school with a new dedicated report showing Student location pins around the school's location. With this new addition, schools and parents can update Students' addresses with the help of Google Maps integrated on the screen.

New Email Feature for Colleges

For utmost convenience, we have added a provision to save the official email ID of students provided by the college and student details. In addition, colleges can send emails to students' personal or official email addresses from the MCB portal.

Feature Enhancements

Carry Forward Previous Year Dues

The new tab "Last Year Dues Processing" has a provision for carrying forward the last year's dues if a student is promoted before clearing the previous year's dues.

Feel the Advantage of SSO on the MCB Parent app and Smart School app

Sign-in seamlessly on the MCB portal using Gmail, Microsoft, or other integrated products with single sign-in credentials. We enhanced your web security with ease.

Book Search Enhanced in Library

Now schools can get comprehensive details of the book and Book Call No details. The same feature is available in student login.

New Info Column in Staff Monthly Attendance Report

Find the Staff reference number in a separate column in the staff monthly attendance report.

Properly Sort Details in Section Shuffling

As per our latest update, schools can sort details of students in ascending or descending order in the section shuffling screen in the SIS module.

Updated Staff Salary Sheet

Schools can see entity names when format one is generated in the Staff Salary Sheet.

Monitor Staff Workload

With our new enhancement, closely monitor staff workload in a printed sheet.

Student Promotion

With our new provision, schools can print the details of student promotion on the student promotion screen.

Use WhatsApp to Send Login Details

Schools now can send login details as an alias through a WhatsApp message.