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Newsletter April 2020

Dear Patron,
In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, we would like to first say that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus in the country and around the globe. While we all are keeping up with the guidance of the state and local authorities related to national lockdown, we will continue to adjust our services to educational institutions accordingly.

Schools can never stop giving their best while students should never pause learning from the best. MCB believes online education is capable of providing a viable option for continuing to educate students during COVID-19 interruptions.

While it was and is necessary to protect the health and well-being of the education community, it is equally, if not more, important to let students’ learning flourish and progress. We believed and educational institutions have unfailingly proven to be committed to completing the curriculum through distance format. We have and are continuing to extend our diligence support to schools and students with Online Classes.
At MCB, we solve challenges with our clients every day to design solutions that positively impact student learning and promote schools’ progress. It was just over a month ago we were first hit with the challenge of providing a platform for schools that enabled them to shift classes online while the state’s fighting the pandemic. We faced our own set of challenges when it was time to ensure seamless integration with Zoom. And, it was chaos when the Zoom server went down for a brief while. However, we’ve persisted together and it was up and running soon.

Today, the usage of MCB Online Assignments and Online Assessments are helping schools meet their academic goals through distant format. The surge in productive discussions through Learning League was note-worthy. Students are more proactive than ever before in getting concepts cleared individually from teachers and from their peers. Teachers are now able to provide students with individual feedback encouraging them to focus on their struggle areas.

MCB’s Learning Management System enables teachers to smoothly take Online Classes, assign Online Assignments, schedule Online Assessments, discuss comprehensively on Learning League and provide students access to required study resources using Data Bank to revise topics. Extended learning through Learning League in terms of discussions amongst students and between teachers and students is topping the charts that can only mean improved engagement, meaning scope for insightful discussions and increased productivity. Post these brainstorming sessions students are confident to give their Online Assessments.
MCB has brought together effective features with smooth flow enabling educators to reach their academic goals based on their curriculum/program.
Schools deserve tremendous applaud for managing and utilising available resources in the need of the hour. We have and will always be your support, COVID or no COVID, and be ever-evolving to bring the best solutions to schools.
It is the trust of 30 schools (new clients acquisition) that we’ve garnered by becoming the flexible reliable ERP solution.
So far we’ve provided our exemplary service to our 3000+ schools and conducted around 30,651 Online Classes by 11,254+ teaching staff to 2,90,520 students seamlessly. We are also integrated with Google Meet while the Integration with Microsoft Teams is in progress. And, it was no less than an achievement for us to quickly develop the Fee Collections solutions as per the state’s recent guidelines.
As we navigate through these challenging times, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be part of this strong community that supports each other to strive through and accomplish great things. On behalf of everyone at MCB, we wish you, your teams and your loved ones’ health and safety.

Team MCB.