Online Examination Made Easy

Create a structured Question paper using multiple question types and formatting options.


Publish, Monitor & Analyse

MCB Learning makes it really easy to publish and announce online examinations, monitor student participation and instantly get results, reports and analytical data. Get insightful reports on your anytime accessible dashboard.

App-based automatic grading platform

It’s a revolutionary App-based solution that helps schedule student online examinations and generate exam reports instantly. The application automatically gives grading and makes post-exam reviews easy.

Streamline Process of Assessments

MCB Q Bank streamlines the whole process of Student progress measurement & evaluation on a single powerful MCB Learning platform.

Dynamic Evaluation Tool

It allows you to assign time, set maximum / minimum marks, set difficulty levels, choose type of questions, allot marks against each question, time duration and use different evaluating parameters like Knowledge, Comprehension, and Application questions etc.

Comprehensive Analysis

MCB Learning gives an automatic grading platform, really simple interface and detailed analytical reports make it the right choice for any kind of school. Generate multiple reports to evaluate student, teacher performance with real-time data.

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