Key Features

Engage students, teachers and parents with features like student-practice, quizzes, assessments and detailed analytics enabling student progress


Scientifically Designed Assessment Solution

MCB Question Bank is a scientifically designed solution that actively engages students, teachers and parents through an all-in-one app-based solution to enable complete student progress.

Customize Student Assessments

MCB Question Bank allows students to take self-assessments to practise and be sure of their subject knowledge. Teachers are given a free to tailor the assessment for their student.

Create Quizzes & Polls

Create quizzes that you prefer chapter wise, lesson wise, complexity level, marks wise and so on to test individual knowledge. The review feature allows students to review their answers after they have completed the quiz.

Manage Regular Assessments

MCB Learning drastically minimizes teacher’s workload by allowing them to upload files, documents, images and media in a variety of formats, share, track assignments and send reminders to students via online and mobile devices.

Give & Track Assignments

Teachers can set assignments and encourage students to take these assignments related to various topics. This feature also facilitates productive discussion between teacher and students.

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