Create Lessons in Minutes

Strategise and manage resources to produce optimum results focusing on creating dynamic lessons.


Smart & sensible teaching

Produce interactive learning materials like infographics, 3D objects, virtual field journeys, interactive maps, quiz, polls, queries & more using existing teaching materials (pdfs, jpegs, ppts).

Share, organize & Monitor

MCB Learning unleashes complete potential of your teachers and students as it unlocks feature-rich Content Bank. Teachers will be able to share the lessons, organize and monitor learner participation.

Get, Set & Teach

Map content as per your learning desires, transfer to our LMS, set timelines or schedules and teach the lesson in your classroom.

Enable 100% student Participation

MCB creates an inclusive and immersive learning experience by allowing students to actively participate in every lesson, giving them a voice to share feedback & reviews on the content.

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