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Minimize grading workload to boost teaching productivity.

Scholastic and Co-scholastic Assessments

A candidate's success is based on their academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular accomplishments. A balanced and integrated focus is crucial for the holistic development of students and expanding learning opportunities. Scholastic assessments focus on the student's academic courses. CoScholastic is a crucial area for measuring personality development.

Standardize a grading scale

Set up a grading scale that defines your academic requirements and expectations.

Scholastic subject and Coscholastic skill creation

Define the subjects and skills part of your academics and categorize them class-wise. Include CBSE-recommended Open Text Based Assessment (OBTA) and Assessment of Speaking and Listening skills (ASL) easily with MyClassboard to enrich your assessment activities.

Diverse weighted assessments

Create weightage for assessments per your academic goals. Also, create terms, subjects, evaluation type in each term, number of tests under each evaluation type, and calculations for each. MyClassboard online gradebook software allows you to undermine your impression on subject evaluations that you deem essential to be highlighted.

Coscholastic education management

Include co-scholastic activities, assignments, exercises, grading, marks, and other critical fields for an exhaustive evaluation of students co-scholastic education.

Diverse co-scholastic skills

Choose to offer co-scholastic skills like work, art, health, physical education, environmental education, yoga, etc., to emphasize the importance of additional knowledge.

Term-end report card

Take charge of generating a term-end report card with the flexibility to have as many scholastic and co-scholastic subjects and skills reflecting the complete performance of the student.

Evaluation-Wise Report Card

Consistently check knowledge gained through short quizzes, debates, and homework assignments through formative report cards printed or sent to parents for reflection and improvement.

Student Attendance & Health Record Integration

MyClassboard s scalability allows schools to incorporate students health records with term-end report cards for the student’s holistic development.

Print report cards

MyClassboard takes your reporting feasibility to the next level with ready-to-print professional PDF report formats available to print anytime. Customize report cards with the school theme, logo, header, etc. Choose to print for individual students or in bulk.

Generate report cards for parents

Schedule report card generation and send them to parents in their portal for their involvement in their child s development.

How does MyClassboard Gradebook software make assessing
& reporting easier for schools?

Easy accessibility

A cloud based system that gives reliable access to school data anywhere on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

Teacher’s web access

Every teacher and administrator can access the student’s profile to mark and assign grades online.

Mobile app

Mobile app gives improved flexibility to organize and manage tasks on the go. MyClassboard provides a teacher and a parent app for both to monitor student progress from their end.

Parent web access

With MyClassboard gradebook software, parents have the accessibility to view students’ report cards from the web portal. It can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Grading scale

Define a grading scale that suits your academic standards. Setting up a standard grading scale is the first step to boosting a school’s performance.

Customize your report card to further your academic standards.

Take your report card to the next level with super flexible options for customization. MyClassboard offers a choice of 3000+ free-type term and evaluation report card templates for schools to design your academic evaluation.

Choose from

Academic Report Cards (test-wise, evaluation-wise, term-wise),

Academic Report Cards (test-wise, evaluation-wise, term-wise),

Following are some of the data requirements for customizing a scholastic report card;

Apart from the above data fields MyClassboard report card customization offers the following advantages

1. Block the report card for fee defaulters.
3. Subject-wise total.
2. Subject-wise percentages on the report card.
4.Subject-wise grades on the report card.

Data fields required to customize a Co-scholastic report card

Data fields for subject reflection report cards

1. The number of subjects to be included in the reflection report card
2. Grade students with marks & evidenceÏ
3. Grading scaleÏ
4. Frequency of generating a report card;

           a. Month-wise

           b. Evaluation-wise

           c. Term-wise

Data fields for customizing learning-based report card

1. Curriculum and subjects

2. The number of chapters & topics in a particular subject

3. The grading scale for reporting.

Customize an activity-based report card with the following data fields

1. The number of activities to be mentioned in the report.

2. The skills to be part of the report.

3. The activity schedule (month-wise?

4. Reference for the grading scale for the report cardlÏ Reference for the grading scale for the report card

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