School HR and PayRoll Software

All your employee details can be maintained with easy access
to employee information, and effective management of employee payroll
and leaves using the HR & PayRoll software for schools.


HR & PayRoll Features

Staff Recruitments

All hiring aspects of your future workforce can be found
at a central location in the HR & PayRoll tool powered by MyClassBoard.

HR & Payroll tool

Job Portal

Manage all your requirements and vacancies with ease using our recruitment software for schools.

Staff recruitment software


Generate advertisements for vacancies and schedule interviews for prospective teachers and other staff members for your school/college.

Student enrollment software

Staff PayRoll

With integration of payment gateways and bank account details of the entire staff, salaries can be credited in a timely manner to their bank accounts.

Student enrollment software

Manage Outsource Staff

Part time workforce can also be managed effectively using this tool.

Salary generation

Staff Bank Data

Ensure timely disbursement of salaries of all employees under your institute by uploading all the bank account information of all the employees into this tool and integrating it with payment gateway options.

Staff data management

Staff Personal Data

The School PayRoll software is a centralized tool and capable of accepting and cataloging all personal details of teachers and other support staff of your institute in one location.

Employee management system

Staff Documents

Keep safe all documents of your current and previous employees by digitizing the records and uploading them into the application.

Data Management

All employee data can be collected
in one central location in our HR & PayRoll Module.

Automated PayRoll System

Automate all your payroll requirements
using the PayRoll automation software.

Automated Payroll system


Make timely payments on all salaries for your employee

Salary calculation tool


Let the tool automatically calculate any and all deductions per employee before disbursement of salaries.

Payslip generation

Generate Pay Slips

Auto generate and email authorized payslips to all employees within seconds of salary disbursements using our salary generation software.

Pay scale management

Manage Consolidated & Scale Pay

Regular and Class-4 Staff can be segregated within your entire workforce with simplicity in this application.

Employee Pay Report Generation

Staff Pay Report Generation

Break-up reports of entire pay cycles along with deductions can be generated in full detail with the use of this software.

Staff leaves management

Maintain Designation Wise Staff Leaves

Designation based leave counter can be calibrated and implemented with relative ease making the tracking of leaves availed and available a simple task for any designation.

Leave application system

Online Leave Request Submission

The tool has the capacity to capture all leave requests automatically and process them according to pre-existing leave approval procedures.

Payroll Software for schools

Automatic LOP Calculation

Basis number of applicable leaves and availed leaves, the system automatically calculates the deductions at the time of salary of disbursements negating the opportunity for errors.

Leave management software

Leaves Approvals

The standard hierarchy for leave approvals can be placed for all designation so that any leave request is forwarded to the concerned authorized person to approve without delay.

Leave Management

Effectively maintain the staff leave management
for your school using our staff leave management software.

Attendance Tracking

Easily manage and keep track of staff attendance, in and out time of teaching and non-teaching staff and all other employees in your institution using our attendance tracking software.

Biometric integration system

Biometric Integrations

Our HR & PayRoll system for schools is completely compatible with all the latest bio-metric hardware systems available in the market, so in the event of an existing bio-metric mechanism in your institute or the need to buy one will not incur you further charges.

Attendance management software

Automate LOP in Case of Defaulters

Time Defaulters (latecomers & early leavers) can be penalized by applying clear rules into the application. {For example, every 3 instances of a late entry will amount to an absent mark in attendance}

Attendance tracking sytem

Track Late Comers and Early Leavers

Bio-metrics allows you to track the precise movement of your employees ensuring their efficiency in their respective jobs.

File management software

Excel Upload

Attendance recorded manually for the staff can be uploaded into the application itself with relative simplicity leaving no scope for errors in salary disbursements.