Security Measures

Stay ten steps ahead when it comes to security


Capture Accurate Information

Capture accurate visitors’ information and keep a record of their name, contact, photograph, people they are visiting, etc. Add visitor type and customise to capture additional details.

Instant Verification

Instantly verify the information provided by the visitor with an OTP. The person whom the visitor intends to meet is informed with a notification and email.

Approval Based Entry

If an outsider is visiting an employee from the school, he/she is sent a mobile app notification to allow or deny the visit request. This two-way communication ensures access is restricted/granted by the security only after approval.

Live Tracking

Keep a record of frequent visitors leading to a faster logging process making the visitor entry process smoother. Track the visitors in your school, the purpose of their visit and who are they meeting. All this boosts parents’ confidence concerning the safety of their child(ren).

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