Parent Teacher Meetings(PTM)

Bring Together Parent’s Concern & Teacher’s Feedback

Nurture student’s all-round development with online and offline PTMs
Schedule and have brainstorming PTM sessions to understand the child’s performance and progress. Conduct online with the help of video conferencing tools. Hassle-free experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Schedule section-wise and class-wise PTMs creating distinctive slots. Record parents’ attendance for PTMs to help understand parents’ involvement. Record parents, subject teachers, class teacher and principal’s feedback in every PTM.

Student Elections


Making a Difference in your School Elections

Replacing the traditional paper-based approach with our easy-to-use digital interface
Enable students to vote from anywhere, using Windows, iOS and Android devices, increasing participation and ensuring a secure election process. Organise elections across the school, house group-wise, wing-wise, class-wise, section-wise. Generate and share the voter pass securely with students and staff. Secure voting as the student and staff logs in through a voting link and can only vote once. Customise election with your school’s logo and colours. Create posts for contesting elections and assign contestants with their symbols and slogan. Generate ballots with candidates and their details, symbols, and pictures. Results are automatically calculated, generated and presented with visuals.

Student Certificates

Customise & Generate Certificates at your Finger-Tips

Seamlessly generate certificates with our pre-designed templates
Generate No Due certificate for students individually or in bulk with a record of the admission date and fee due reports at your tips. Generate Income Tax certificate for students and staff. Promptly print generated certificates individually or in bulk. Design customised formats for Transfer Certificate and Bonafide if needed.

Alumni Management


Engaging Alumni Management Solution for Educational Institutions

Stay connected with alumni by managing alumni data at one place
Keep your alumni engaged meeting all your alumni networking needs. Build and maintain a strong alumni community. Maintain alumni data and provide easy access to the same. Alumni anywhere across the globe can be a part of this online community. Quick alumni data capture right from your website through our API. Manage communications by sending SMS and email from time to time. Keep alumni on top of things with announcements and make them feel connected with schools’ happenings. Organise and invite alumni to alumni days, alumni guest lectures, training sessions, fundraising and other key events.

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