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Discover MCB's SQAA
Automation for CBSE Schools

Welcome to the future of School Quality Assessment and Assurance (SQAA) with MCB Automation, a bespoke solution crafted exclusively for CBSE schools. Our intelligent SQAA software is the key to unlocking a more efficient, streamlined assessment process, allowing your school to concentrate on its principal objective: delivering exceptional education.

Effortless Assessment Process:

MCB SQAA is your guide through the assessment landscape, offering a frictionless experience from start to finish. By leveraging advanced features, our software simplifies the SQAA process, making compliance and excellence in education easier than ever before.

Comprehensive Framework Integration:

Align your school s operations with the CBSE SQAA framework effortlessly. MCB SQAA digitizes and organizes your school's assessment process into clear, manageable benchmarks, ensuring you stay on track with the board's latest guidelines.

Document Standardization Made Easy:

With MCB SQAA, organizing and standardizing your school's documents becomes straightforward. Our software assists in aligning your records with the domains specified by CBSE, including:





Human Resources

Inclusive Practices

Management And Governance


Beneficiary Satisfaction

Documents can be further categorized by academic year, branch, domain, and sub-domain, offering a detailed view of your school's accreditation progress.

Safety and Security Assurance:

Prioritize the safety of your students and staff with features designed to enhance the school's safety culture. MCB SQAA supports schools in implementing the CBSE SQAA's safety and security guidelines, covering areas such as:

School Safety and Security Program

School Buildings, Grounds and Facilities

Psychosocial Safety and Support

Health and Physical Safety

School Transportation

Support for Divyang

Cyber Safety & Policy

Orientation and Training

Core Learning Team Oversight:

Maintain oversight of your school s SQAA documentation and progress with department wise reports. MCB SQAA allows for the designation of a Core Learning Team, encompassing various stakeholders responsible for managing the framework documentation:

Holistic Documentation Management:

MCB SQAA provides a structured platform for recording, managing, and tracking all SQAA framework documentation. Ensure your school s compliance and excellence across all departments and management levels with our comprehensive software solution.

See MCB in action

Are you ready to enhance your SQAA assessment journey, focusing on what truly matters providing quality education? Discover the difference MCB SQAA can make for your institution.