Introducing MCB SMS Module the ultimate solution for seamless school communication. Elevate your messaging capabilities with our efficient and affordable SMS offerings.

Why SMS?

In a world filled with various communication channels, SMS remains a steadfast and reliable option. Here’s why

Advantages of MCB SMS Communication:
How You Can Use MCB SMS:

Birthday Greetings

Send personalized birthday greetings to students, staff, and parents to foster a sense of community.

Payment Reminders:

Send timely reminders for fee dues, ensuring
smooth financial transactions and parent

School Schedules:

Share important school schedules, including
class timings, events, and holidays, to keep
stakeholders informed.

Payment Reminders:

Notify parents of their child s attendance status, fostering transparency and accountability.

School Schedules:

Keep parents informed about transport
updates, ensuring the safety and security of
students during transit.

Exam Schedules:

Share exam schedules and important announcements to help students and parents prepare effectively.

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