Welcome to MyClassboard’s Photo Gallery Module, where memories are captured and shared seamlessly. Discover how parents and staff can engage and reminisce through visual storytelling.

Key Features

Photo Gallery:

Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of memories with the Photo Gallery feature, where photos from school events, activities, and celebrations are showcased.

Approve Photo Gallery:

Ensure content quality and relevance by approving photos before they are published in the gallery, maintaining a curated and professional image.

Staff Activities:

Capture and share staff activities, team-building exercises, and professional development sessions through the Staff Activities section of the gallery.

Approve Staff Activities:

Monitor and approve staff-related content to maintain consistency and alignment with school values and objectives.

Pending Activities:

Keep track of pending activities awaiting approval, ensuring timely review and publication of relevant content.

Approved Activities:

Explore a wealth of approved activities, events, and moments captured within the photo gallery, fostering a sense of community and connection among stakeholders.

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Elevate Engagement and Connection:

Storytelling with MyClassboard's Photo Gallery Module!