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MyClassboard's Email Module

Streamline Communication with

Ready to revolutionize school communication with email?
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Empower your school with efficient and effective communication tools. MyClassboard's Email Module offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline email communication and enhance engagement with students, parents, and staff.

Key Features:

Email Templates:

Customize email templates for various purposes, including fee reminders, enquiry campaigns, and follow up communications.

Fee Reminder Email Templates:

Automate fee reminder emails to ensure timely payments and financial transparency.

Enquiry Campaign Templates:

Simplify the process of launching and managing enquiry campaigns with customizable email templates.

Enquiry Follow-up Campaign Templates:

Nurture leads and convert enquiries into admissions with targeted follow up email campaigns.


Seamlessly send emails directly from the ERP system, saving time and ensuring communication consistency.

Send Login Details:

Provide login details to students, parents, and staff securely via email for easy access to school portals and resources.

Send Marks:

Share student marks and academic progress updates with parents and guardians via email, fostering transparency and accountability.


Email Log Report:

Track email communication history and monitor delivery status with detailed email log reports.

Email Usage Report:

Gain insights into email usage patterns and trends to optimize communication strategies and resources.

Preadmission Campaigns Log:

Monitor the effectiveness of preadmission email campaigns and track campaign performance with comprehensive logs.