Top 10 Advantages of using MyClassboard School ERP Software
A school ERP software is a computerized application and program that helps in managing and controlling of all the activities and operations being carried out in a school. It also maintains the record of the data of the entire educational institute which can be used as and when required. As many schools are now opting to adopt technology-based services in their schools, MyClassboard provides a comprehensive school ERP software that ensures smooth functioning of day-to-day operations at an affordable price. Here are top 10 advantages of using our MyClassboard school ERP software.
1) Data Tracking is Easy: A school ERP software maintains and manages all the data of the institution effectively. It organizes all the information systematically so that you can easily track the data and you would not waste time in taking it. if you want to get a report of the attendance of students or exam results in your class, one does not have to search all the attendance registers or report cards but just log into the dashboard of the ERP to retrieve information in an easy manner.
2) Accessibility from Anywhere: One of the main advantages of MyClassboard school ERP software is that it is the web and mobile-based application which can be accessible from anywhere and anytime on iPhones, android devices and tablet PCs. Administrators, students, teachers and parents can access the data from wherever they are from their smartphones.
3) Time-saving: School ERP software provides full automation of all the functions of school administration and helps in the effective running of the school. The traditional school management system includes stacks of files, piles of paper and consumes the time of the human resources. But this software eliminates the paperwork and facilitates paperless administration saving the precious time and resources of the institutes.
4) Reduces Load on Administration: Managing the various departments by the school management like students attendance management, human resource department, attendance management, fees management, academic management, etc., is often cumbersome. But school ERP software automates all the functions of the school in a single thread thereby reducing the load on the administration.
5) Reduces Initial Investment: The MyClassboard school ERP software does not need any servers, as it is a cloud-based software. No capital is required to be invested; all a school needs is computers and good internet network which does not cost much hence reducing the initial investment.
6) No dependence on IT resources: As mentioned above, a school ERP software does not require a dedicated IT team to work with. Hence, no dependency on IT resources is needed and it can be managed by any non-technical staff.
7) Improves Quality of Teaching:  A school ERP software helps in reducing the time and effort required to manage school operations. Teachers who earlier spent hours of time in processing the school operations can now utilize more time to do what they do best – Teach. Teachers can now focus more on academics and improve the performance levels of students.
8) Easy Communication: A school ERP facilitates communication platforms for improved parent-teacher engagement. It offers several communication channels to reach parents and students on a regular basis using SMS, Emails, etc. The software helps in integrating the communication between teachers, students, and parents and ensures timely sharing of information.
9) Secured Data: A school ERP software is a cloud-based software that ensures the security of your information and also helps in enhancing the accessibility of your data. All the data is stored in web servers with high-level encryption.
10) Complete Automation: ERP software helps in organizing various aspects of school system including student, staff, admission, time table, examination, fees efficiently and helps administrators to access, manage, and analyze data and processes. It also connects all departments and campuses in a single integrated platform
These are the top 10 advantages of using MyClassboard school ERP software. MyClassboard enables school administrators to smoothly run the institution and there is no exaggeration that the above-mentioned reasons have compelled our clients to implement this technology in their schools.
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