SMS Settings and Analytics in Group of Institutions
Effective communication between parents and teachers is what every school looks forward to and uses several communication channels to reach parents and students on a regular basis. Few common practices to establish interaction between teachers and parents include phone calls, newsletters, parent-teacher meetings etc. However, these days the parents expect communication or information sharing to be instant and the only way an institution can foster the need is through an SMS.  
SMS notification is the best instant communication service that schools can have using which teachers can send an SMS for any events like holidays, important notices, child’s academic progress, attendance etc., and also intimate parents about special days and activities in schools. Identifying the need for an instant communication that can be worked easily through an SMS, MyClassboard has integrated the SMS service to its software making communication easier and better.
Enabling schools to make the most effective use of it, MyClassboard offers different SMS packages depending upon the need and requirement of the schools.
The below is the screenshot of branch wise SMS details.
This screenshot shows the SMS packages that a school can avail.
View the previous recharge history.
Click on pay and recharge and you will be directed to the below page.
This is how MyClassboard enables easy communication between school and parents through the SMS service. Displaying the analytics and the overall data of your group of institutions on a single page can be done using a dashboard. Here you can view the overall data of the institutions like Fee collections, student admissions, staff attendance, Fees type, branch wise fees, installment fee.
The student dashboard academic year wise looks this.
The below screenshot is a graphical representation.
This is a screenshot of the employee dashboard.
MyClassboard facilitates the schools to check the overall statistics of each institution in a single click.
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