How to Select the Right Online ERP Provider for your School?
With countless school ERP systems available in the market, it’s critically important which ERP vendor to select. ERP software solutions that are efficient, much faster and easier to deploy should be the priority for any institute while selecting an ERP. A reputable online ERP provider would not have any trouble or issues arranging a thorough demonstration.
Here are few steps of how one could choose a correct online ERP provider?
1) Evaluation: It is very difficult to evaluate as in which vendor supports your system, so it is always recommended a research is done before purchasing an ERP software solution. How long the company has been in this industry, how well it understands it and how many clients the ERP provider is associated with; evaluation is very crucial before investing in school ERP. Whether the vendor has specialized experience in providing ERP solutions to organizations of a similar size and type as yours. Also, request feedback from the vendor’s other clients.
2) Customizable: Not all ERP software match the requirements of school processes as each school has its own process. Hence it is very important that product of the ERP vendor is intuitive and user-friendly. It should not require any technical knowledge to operate it and can be implemented in any institution easily.
3) Feasible: The main challenge with the ERP software is to check whether the software is technically feasible, i.e. whether the system is supplement to any changes or modifications or addition of any functionality. The ERP software offered by the ERP Provider should be efficient enough to handle management changes and preserve the accuracy, reliability of the secured data. ERP software should also be operationally feasible i.e, it can be operated by any technical or non-technical person.
4) Technology Usage: The software solution of the selected ERP provider should not only fit the educational institution and business model but also be up to date with technology. The ERP technology should transform the business both in terms of productivity and monetization.
5) Affordable: When you are to choose an online ERP Provider for your school, it is very important to compare their product, features, and price with the other software. Do not be simply overwhelmed if you are getting a software with all features at a cheaper price, rather compare the product and its efficiency with others before you take a call. The best school ERP software always comes at an affordable price simultaneously standing distinguished in its features.
6) Reliable: It is very important to select an online ERP provider who offers a reliable software i.e, it should be a tested and most trusted software. It is always recommended to prepare an analysis of the reliability of the product, how long the software is being used by other schools and if it has been able to foster the needs of the system during critical periods. It has to be made sure that the software works for long years with a consistency in its effective performance.
7) Technical Support: It is always good to have ERP consultants around who can guide you through the entire process of implementation and the online ERP provider should ensure a successful ERP implementation. The training should be available to the members of your organization during and after the installation process.
8) Provision: The ERP should work for your company so you can budget for upgrades and better forecast growth. The online ERP provider should provide all modules like admission management, fee management, attendance management, transport management, HR and payroll management and others. All the modules provided should meet all the requirements of the school.
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