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How to Save Time and Cut Costs Using a School Mobile App?

Though the education sector is considered to be back in the digitisation game, it’s sure rapidly changing. In the age of newer developments in education, schools are susceptible to inevitable and drastic changes – be it on how educational institutions manage students, engage with parents, all while saving time and money.

From the educational domain, a few tedious processes of the scholastic environment have now been consolidated into a unique school mobile app that can be used by administrators, parents, and students on their smartphones with highly secured role-based logins. This school mobile app functions with efficacy to save your valuable time and money spent on never-ending administrative and academic activities. There is a dire need for clear and timely distribution of information between schools and parents (and students) for effective and cohesive education. By enhancing home-school communication, a school mobile app can have some awesome benefits for your institution.

Here are the top 7 benefits our school partners are experiencing:

Futuristic brand image and higher brand visibility. It is vital to convey what your school really stands for and what it represents to have a unique brand image. Using a mobile app improves communication, having a highly constructive impact on your school’s brand and how stakeholders look at it. It can also be a key differentiator between you and other schools which can be crucial in order to be on top of your game.

Minimise costs for your school. Are you still printing flyers and distributing them to students/parents? Are you aware of the additional costs that you incur on every print you take? A school mobile app enables you to eliminate a tonne of printing costs by simply putting all the important information and documents right on your app. This also saves your staff’s time that is spent printing and distributing.

Save Time and Increase Staff Efficacy. With a school mobile app in place, you will see a reduction in repetitive phone calls and requests for information because the information will be provided at parents’ fingertips. It is important to make the most out of the time you have. A school mobile app will give your staff more time to focus on other important tasks and increase productivity.

Streamline Study and Teaching Material Distribution. Furthermore, a school mobile app can be leveraged as an efficient solution to transfer study and teaching content between both students/parents and teachers respectively to make teaching all-inclusive. Teachers can communicate with students (and parents) of every class and even upload required study material that the students can view/download. Teachers can also upload assignments or give a class diary on the app class-wise or student-wise, which is visible to parents and students at all times. Also, adept school apps like MCB Smart School empowers educators with a new level of teaching and sharing altogether by uploading files, images, videos, links to share, etc.

Ease of Payment. Today, most transactions are transparent as they are cashless. School apps can also save a significant amount of time when it comes to various fee collections from parents. It will certainly save time and stress of having to visit a bank or ATM stand.

Effective Home-School and In-House Engagement. Using push messaging in your school mobile app, you are equipped to send messages right to your staff and parents’ phones. These messages can be notification updates, alerts, school announcements, fee due reminders or anything you want them to be. A school mobile app makes it quick and easy for parents to interact with teachers with regard to their child’s performance and vice versa with the parent-teacher communication app.

Access Information with Ease Wherever, Whenever. A school mobile app is a more efficient, effective and quicker alternative to the traditional school web portal. And did you know that more than 80% of mobile phone users have a smartphone that is, more often than not, within reach at all times? A school mobile app gives your stakeholders (parents/students, staff) the ability to quickly access the school’s information anytime they want. It provides all kinds of academic information like timetables, attendance, exam dates, online tests, assignments, homework, etc. Also, school fee, live bus-tracking, exam results, and student anecdotes are just one click away.

In a nutshell, it’s safe to say that a school mobile app saves two of the most important things in life, time and money. The educational community (parents, students, teachers, and school management) will greatly benefit once they have a school mobile app in place. Want to know more? Get in touch with us by clicking HERE.

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