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RFID tags in Smart schools for Smart Attendance System

Smart Attendance System in smart schools i.e., Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag is something that drew my attention. RFID tag is the new trend now in Indian schools, not many schools are under the cover though, however, few schools are choosing to adopt this technology. In a very recent incident to quote, an International School in Noida introduced the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card, with a special chip embedded for live tracking of kids. The use of RFID cards in schools helps the school authorities and the parents as well to track and monitor all the movements of the children.

Safety and security of children are a primary concern for schools and parents alike. Parents who send their wards’ to the schools often question the safety of their children demanding adequate measures from the school management promising the child’s security. If we take a look at the statistics, thousands of students go missing from school in India every year. What’s shocking to know is that in nearly all these cases, either the student did not report to school, or left the school in time to not return home. And what’s even more shocking to know is, we never knew of this until it was very late.

If we consider the latest incident that had happened just a couple of days before, where a student from a school went missing from the school premises but later found with his throat slit in the washroom of his own school. Such scary and heartbreaking incidents and missing cases are what that chase the student’s safety for a critical matter of importance. In any of the above-mentioned cases, if parents or the school authorities had known or noticed about the same in time, there could have been chances and possibilities to stop the tragedy.
Ever since such devastating incidents, many parents voiced safety concerns which further persuaded to put the focus back on the safety of children. MyClassboard too was impelled to come up with its strong support in assuring the safety of children. As a result of which, MyClassboard has been offering RFID smart attendance system integration to all schools that prioritize right for education and safety equally. We, at MyClassboard, help the school authorities and parents to stay notified about their child’s movements within and across the campus. With the improvements in ID Card system technology, we are helping the schools to streamline the attendance process in timely and effective ways.
What is RFID?
Radio Frequency Identification tags are small electronic devices that contain a small chip, used to identify and track an object. It provides a unique identifier for the object and the device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information of that object.
How do RFID tags work?
The RFID tags will be attached to the student ID card and the information related to the student will be attached to the RFID tag. Whenever the student enters the school and swipes the identity card, the reader at the gate or the door will detect the tag and registers the presence of the students the moment they pass in front of a reader device at the gates. While leaving the school premises, the student will swipe the ID card again at the gate and the reader will detect the tag and the system will recognize the tag to store the data.
How MyClassboard helps?
To ascertain the attendance tracking with increased processing speed and flexibility, MyClassboard has facilitated the RFID smart Attendance System integration in schools. Every time the student swipes his card in the school premises, a notification via SMS will be sent to the parents marking the presence of the student in the school. Similarly, at the time of leaving the school premises, a notification will be sent to the parents.
This smart attendance system will help parents to know the status of their child and moreover, the parents can also monitor the late going of their child in school. The other benefit of this system is that it ensures all students reach the school on time.
As a school, if you also want to adopt this technology to your system and guarantee the safety of children to the parents, Myclassboard is capable of integrating the RFID devices or swipe cards for smarter attendance management. And the integration can be done seamlessly in less than a day. Get the RFID system integrated right away.

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