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MyClassboard latest update on CBSE new assessment pattern

We are in the month of June and very soon we will be approaching the beginning of a new academic year, and needless to say, many schools have already begun their warm-up sessions for the upcoming academic season. Enquiries, applications, enrollments, books, uniforms, scheduling, etc., are the trending things in any school now. Simultaneously, schools are even busy with the preparations of classes allotment, designing the entire academic year schedule for all classes, deciding pay structure and others. However, for schools that are using an online school management software to handle their daily chores, the aforementioned things will not be a tough task.

Nevertheless, there is one task for all schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education that needs to be addressed beginning with this academic year and that is, the new assessment pattern for grades VI to IX. It has not been much time since the CBSE board had issued a circular to all its affiliated schools making it mandatory to implement a uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and issue report cards for classes VI to IX on the same lines. This new scheme was proposed to bring uniformity in the system of assessment pattern and examination for classes IX and X in all the CBSE affiliated schools.

Ever since the release of the notification to implement the assessment format, it has made all schools to hang their heads in confusion and uncertainty searching for the best possible solutions to get out of the chaos. In an attempt to calm the nerves, MyClassboard school management software has incorporated the latest changes to its grade management software in a very short span of time. These updated changes have also been made available to facilitate easy calculation of grades and performance assessment analysis.

As per the new assessment pattern, the assessment structure for classes VI to VIII comprises of two terms i.e. Term 1 and 2. The assessment and examination structure for class IX and X will be similar i.e., only one term. Here is a gist of the latest changes made and also a preview of how it works.

Scholastic Test Creation In the scholastic test creation, two terms are created for Term-I and Term-II.

And the evaluation can be selected on the basis Periodic Assessment, Note Book, Subject Enrichment, Half-Yearly or All. Respective options are made available for selection by the user.

Co-Scholastic Grade Entry In the co-scholastic grade entry, the different areas and sections can be created and entered Term wise. The areas can be further divided for easy grade allocation. The marks or grades can be entered and the final grade can be calculated automatically.

Grading System Gradebook tool empowered by MyClassboard ensures all the schools of easy calculation of grades catering to the uniform assessment system. Even though the results are in the form of Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA), the school grading software helps in calculating the grades of students and displaying them on report cards.

MyClassboard has facilitated the above significant developments to its school grade management software preparing the schools for the coming academic period. India's most trusted school management softwaSign up with MyClassboard

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