CBSE New Assessment Pattern For Grades VI to IX
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to introduce a uniform system of assessment and examination for Classes VI to IX for all its affiliated schools. The CBSE on March 21, 2017, released a circular, stating that it has done away with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme by replacing it with a uniform system of assessment and examination for classes VI to IX. It has also instructed all its affiliated schools to implement the uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and issue report cards for classes VI to IX also on the same pattern. To increase the confidence in the students to start preparing for class X Board examination when they join the upper primary stage in class VI, the CBSE has decided to implement the uniform system of assessment. The scheme has set forth a two-semester system – complete with half-yearly and annual examinations from class VI onwards. This new scheme will bring the uniformity in the system of assessment and examination for classes IX and X in all the CBSE affiliated schools. According to the circular released by the board, “The CBSE affiliated schools currently follow various systems of assessment and examination for classes VI to IX and issue different types of report cards to their students. Due to disparities in the system, the students of classes VI to IX face several problems whenever they migrate to another school.” “With the family of CBSE affiliated schools growing from 309 schools in 1962 to 18,688 at present, it has become imperative to have a uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and report cards for classes VI to IX for ease of students and other stakeholders.This will not only ensure the easy migration of students within the family of CBSE affiliated schools but also ease their difficulties while seeking admission in new schools,” it said. Earlier, under the CCE scheme which was introduced in the year 2009, the students were assessed based on two term-end summative assessment and four formative assessment tests. Sixty percent assessment was pen-paper based while forty percent assessment was given to students based on their year-round activities. Now, according to the recently introduced scheme, there will be two terms; half yearly examination for 80 marks and periodic tests of assessment for each term for 10 marks. The uniform assessment scheme gives ninety percent assessment on the basis of pen-paper tests while the remaining ten percent would be based on the periodic assessment. “This would prepare the students to cover the whole syllabus of the academic year and face the challenge of class X Board examination, and would thus, ensure the quality of education,” the circular read. “The CBSE will issue the report card for class X based on the board examination with effect from the academic year 2017-18. As the assessment structure and examination pattern for class IX will be similar to that of class X, the report card for class IX issued by the school should also be similar to that of class X,” the circular further stated. 1) The assessment structure and examination for classes VI to VIII which comprises of two terms i.e. Term 1 and 2 is as follows 2) The assessment and examination structure for class IX and X will be similar. 3) Report Card for VI-VIII 4) Report Card for Class IX This is the third major step taken by CBSE after doing away with CCE and making class 10th board exams compulsory from the academic year of 2017-2018. How is this going to effect MyClassboard and its users? With the above-mentioned changes as decided by the CBSE board to implement in all its affiliated schools, one should be ascertained that they will have a minimal effect on MyClassboard and all its ardent users. For schools that are yet to become users, MyClassboard has it all to help schools get accustomed with the new practice. CBSE Grading System: Gradebook tool empowered by MyClassboard ensures all the schools of easy calculation of grades catering to the uniform assessment system. Even though the results are in the form of Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA), the school grading software helps in calculating the grades of students and displaying them on report cards. Report Card Software: With CBSE board mandating a uniform report card format for all schools, the schools should not be dismayed by the fact as MyClassboard has been offering customized report card formats for all schools as per the institution-specific fields. With the recently issued mandate, the uniform report card format can be tailored to no time and offered to all CBSE schools. Minor changes from our end and the required report card format is all set for implementation. MyClassboard had already inculcated the customized features in its software making the implementation more feasible for schools. Uniform assessment system or uniform report card format, MyClassboard is ever ready with a solution easing the pressure on schools. Sign up with MyClassboardSign up with MyClassboard
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