New Year Celebrations !

Years come and go but memories linger. Living is not about making the big decisions in life, instead, it’s the small morsels of happiness that we steal for ourselves from the clutches of time that matter the most. When we look back we hardly can remember the details of important things in life but a friendly conversation with a loved one always brings back memories of the special moment you share with them like a flood. You can suddenly not only remember just the conversation but also how you were exactly feeling that particular day, how you were dressed, etc., etc., even the minutest detail is suddenly life like as if you are reliving that single moment in time on a closed loop. It is beautiful! These memories are often made when you share a light moment with your friends and family members and what better occasions will you get other than the New Year’s Party. Every year come December the world is alight with festivities starting from Xmas and culminating in New Year and as tradition dictates the MyClassboard family certainly threw together a grand farewell for the year that zoomed by – 2016. It all started with organizing sports meets; cricket and badminton games were organized and conducted by Mr. Sujeeth under the watchful eyes of our CTO Mr. Ravindra Garu. A badminton court was marked out in front of the premises which served as an excellent battleground and the entire staff divided into teams fought out for the top spots in Men’s and Women’s, Singles & Doubles matches and also Mixed Doubles Matches. What followed was a friendly game of cricket between the staff members and helming this project was none other than our resident Usain Bolt, our COO, Mr. Srikanth, it was a nice change for everyone involved and this is what those unforgettable memories are made of. We also had an excellent potluck lunch organized by our awesome HR, Ms. Virginia, who did an outstanding job by collaborating with the entire office and getting the food organized in a timely manner. The food was lip smacking and it was overall a very good bonding opportunity for the entire office staff. Kudos to you Virginia. Lastly, there was a very grand luncheon organized by the management at one of the better restaurants in town for the entire office staff, that left everyone splendidly satisfied. Such was the manner in which the MyClassboard family bid goodbye to the year 2016 and welcomed the New Year. Hope it brings more joy and happiness to each and everyone along with their friends and families and hope MyClassboard soars and reaches new heights in the coming year. -Cheers & Party Safe.

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