Enhance School Administration

Counsel students having performance challenges. Create assessments, worksheets, workbooks, assignments, set exam papers, schedule notifications and more


Enable Focused Counselling

The auto-grading function will save you time and allow you to concentrate on what’s important. Teachers can identify students having performance challenges and counsel those students.

Prepare – Print

MCB Q Bank enables teachers and instructors in school to create worksheets, workbooks, assignments, set exam papers online and have the option of taking prints and distributing them during exams.

Zero Delay – Zero Stress

Schedule & conduct exams in minutes allowing students to take the exams confidently without any stress and provide them with results without much delay.

Reminders & Notifications

You can send immediate exam alerts, schedule notifications, receive mail reports on exam & results and send progress reports online to students/parents.

Reduce Manual Efforts & Costs

Students can attend tests at their own pace while teachers can monitor & assess student progress without worrying about the venue, supervision, cost, time and other effort parameters before scheduling and conducting tests.

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