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Consolidate students
Consolidate students learning with premium content

Our exhaustive content bank allows students to access open and privately licensed content and widen their knowledge beyond textbooks. A mix of text and video resources makes for an engaging way of learning.

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Choose content from a highly relevant and user-friendly content library

With our content bank, schools can access high-quality educational content, which they can select and customize to support various curriculum topics. They can also share specific resources with students.

Content aligned
Content aligned to CBSE, ICSE, & IB curricula

Academic curriculums by educational boards are developed after intense research, and our content repository is mapped and structured as per your school’s curriculum requirements. Therefore, all content sources are highly accurate and relevant to a student’s grade and learning requirements.

Pick the best that suits your students' understanding

Our state-of-the-art machine learning technology reliably scores each learning material according to its difficulty. Teachers can use content resources as per a student’s learning capabilities.

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Spend less time searching for relevant content and  increase your productivity 
Our organic search engines are programmed to host and show content matched to the K12 curriculum level. It saves time for both teachers and students to search for supporting content for their lessons and avoids creating a distraction with irrelevant content.

Case Study

Jindal Vidya Mandir

Established in 1996 under JSW Foundation, Jindal Vidya Mandir has become a center of excellence for its students. Jindal Vidya Mandir was established to bring quality education to its students. Affiliated to the CBSE board, it is an English medium senior secondary school catering to the curriculums of pre-primary to secondary education with equal emphasis on academic and non-academic extracurricular activities.

Challenges faced by Jindal Vidya Mandir

  • Jindal Vidya Mandir teachers depend on printed textbook materials to plan their lessons. Any delay in access to printed materials hinders their scheduled class timetable and pushes them towards the internet for information, which has broad irrelevant content to sort and optimize for their students spending unnecessary time.
  • Teachers felt that textbooks are planned according to the conventional student community, which sometimes makes it difficult for slow learners to comprehend and catch up. Due to work overload, teachers could not provide customized solutions per each student’s understanding level.
  • Some of the subject teachers expressed concerns that a significant proportion of text-based resources were not engaging for students, affecting their retention level and understanding of specific topics.
  • Jindal Vidya Mandir teachers often voiced their students’ challenges to supplement their knowledge. When assigned class projects, students had to rely on vast internet resources that were often out of the scope of their prescribed curriculum plan.

Solutions provided by MyClassboard Content Bank

For Teachers:
  • Jindal Vidya Mandir teachers now have access to curated and premium content that is highly accurate and pertinent to a student’s grade and learning requirements, thanks to our content bank, which is created by the school’s curriculum as prescribed by the recognized educational boards.
  • With our organic search engine, teachers are now handpicking specific content for their students and sharing it with them as per their learning capabilities. As our contents are categorized based on their difficulty level, it is easy for teachers to choose resources for students based on their comprehension abilities.
For Students:
  • In addition to reading chapters and subjects, students use the MyClassboard content library as a search function to find relevant content for their curiosity that is appropriate for their educational development.
  • A mix of videos and text-based relevant content has gained massive popularity among Jindal Vidya Mandir students as we observed an exponential increase in traffic on our platform from the student community.
For Parents:
  • Parents found a new way to keep in touch with their children’s educational needs. They keep track of reading materials shared by teachers and help their children complete their reading assignments.
  • Affordable purchase plans do not burden their monthly expenditures; at the same time, they can now source world-class premium content for their children.

Success of Jindal Vidya Mandir with MyClassboard Content Bank

  • 35% boost in productivity of students with relevant content accessible in a user-friendly interface.
  • Teachers save their time searching on the internet and handpick important content from our search engine.
  • A mix of videos and text-based content increased engagement among students.

Customize From Curated Resources

Upload useful material from the most effective and popular open sources and build a content wealthy repository
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Explore, Notice & Deploy

Our MCB curated repository has best resources obtainable on-line. Teachers will simply choose from diverse resources to build an absolute tailored solution which can be easily deployed.
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Network along with your students

Create a network with your students & interact with them in a seamless platform to assess responses, reviews on content, post session reports, get meaningful insights, and use the classroom time in productive discussions.

Centralize your Assets

MCB will empower your teachers to pick & choose learning assets ranging from documents, virtual field trips, simulations, videos and so on, all at one place in your anytime accessible content bank.
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Tap into Power of Technology

Our Content Bank Solution helps you integrate interactive activities and media without having to leave our application. MCB brings technology, content, teachers, students and parents together.

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