Enable ease of login to MCB profile with alternate credentials:

Authenticate with Google account

Hassle-free multiple login features on MCB
Users don’t need to remember multiple passwords, as they can also login to their MCB profiles with their Google account credentials issued with school domain or with their personal google account.

Parents (father/mother) whose details are saved as Point of Contact for the student will be able to use their Google account to authenticate into their MCB profile

School staff too can login with their Google account along with their MCB credentials.

MCB provides 2 login profiles against a student: Student and Parents
To save student and parents Google Accounts on MCB portal follow the steps below

Login to the MCB portal

Select the SIS module from the Home button drop-down menu or select the SIS module from the top navigation bar. Select Enrollments from the top navigation bar and click on Update Student details.

In the next screen, select Student Email/ Mobile no details under the Student details tab. Select the student's Gmail that needs to be filled in and click on update.

Next, go to the Parent details tab and select Parent Email IDs from the left feature menu to update parent email IDs.

Select Parent Mobile Number from the left feature menu to update the Point of Contact and Parent mobile number and click update to save the details.

Now Student and Parent Google Accounts are saved for future authentication.

To update staff Google account in their MCB profiles, follow the steps below;

Login to the MCB portal

Select the HR module from the Home button drop-down menu or select the HR module from the top navigation bar. Select Staff Details from the top navigation bar and click on Update Staff details.

In the next screen, select the Contact Details tab. Add the Google account details in the appropriate column and click on update.

Now Staff google accounts are saved for future authentication.

Increase Home-School Engagement with Teacher, Student & Parent Portal

Communicate effectively and help parents’ stay in the loop about their child’s performance


How it works

Once a student is enrolled in the school, their MyClassboard accounts are activated to use via web and mobile. Parents can select any language that is convenient.

Web Portal

Parent or student logs in to the school URL using the login credentials. School can customise the user experience by selecting school brand themes.

Mobile App

Mobile App for Android and iOS. Schools can use the Common Parent App or get a customised mobile app to give users a customised school experience.

Customised Parent App

Design a customised app for parents to download from Play Store or App Store with your school’s unique branding. Parents can log in seamlessly without having to select the school name.

Common Parent App

With all built-in features for parents and students on the Common Parent App. Parents can log in by selecting the school’s name and entering login credentials.

For Schools


Share Login Credentials &
Track Usage

Share login credentials with parents via SMS, Email and WhatsApp and closely track login statistics

Special Integrations

Invest in smart Integrations such as Mindbox, Nexool digital library, Erudex, content library, Radio, etc., that can be accessed right on our portal.

For Parents

Parents can: view Announcements; send and receive SMS and Chat messages to and from the school staff; track observations recorded by teachers for student’s behaviour in diverse settings; keep track of the child’s Attendance; access Photo Gallery, Event Calendar; pay the fee online using their preferred payment method; track books borrowed; view when the next PTM is scheduled for; track child’s Health Details that are recorded periodically; apply for Student Leaves; send Special Notes for the class teacher and principal; download an IT Certificate; view the observations and actions taken towards disciplinary matters; purchase books and uniforms online; view and download the Fee Invoice; fill and submit Feedback and Survey forms; make TC Request Application.

For Students

Students can: view and submit offline and online assignments; access Class Diary; view weekly Timetable; take time-based and self-paced online exams; attend Online Classes; view Report Cards; participate in discussions on various topics created by teachers and peers with Learning Leagues.

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