Data Security

Keep data secure at all time across all operation
Data security


Data Masking

Ensure user data security by masking critical student data (contact and address information). The authority to unmask these details lies with the System Admin.
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IP Whitelisting & Blacklisting image

IP Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Grant or block access to a specific system IP address. Country Blacklist allows you to restrict system admin login access to a specific country.

MAC Enabled Security

Enable secure financial transactions by using a dedicated system within a LAN. Define a system MAC against the user to access MCB exclusively. A two-step authentication―login with given credentials and OTP verification for greater security.
MAC Enabled Security
Restricted Role-Based Access

Restricted Role-Based Access

Defined role-based access to data and services to ensure security and accountability. Every user has a unique login username and system administered password. System alerts are sent to management on the download of reports.

Two-factor Authentication

Parents undergo a two-step authentication that includes OTP verification to log in for greater security.
Two-factor Authentication

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