Comprehensive Analysis

Analyse teacher’s performance during the academic year based on consistency in student performance.


Accurate Reporting

Extensive reporting procedure with reliable, accurate and advanced reporting features.

Teacher Performance Report

Give teachers constructive feedback for various parameters and generate reports for those paraments to analyse teacher’s performance.

Co-Scholastic Analysis Report

Get insights on various parameters and metrics of co-scholastic education and share reports instantly for student and teacher performance assessment.

Student Progress Report

Get insights into student’s strengths, areas of improvement, participation and other aspects to assist student performance and provide constructive feedback.

Classroom Reporting

Get accurate insights into the class or individual performance concerning fields like attendance, academics, etc.

Green Sheet

A digitised version of report cards with an in-depth analysis of the general class results. School reports and additional statistical data is protected with encryption standards.

Year-Wise Student Performance

Share Year-Wise Student Performance Report with parents about their child’s academic and overall progress in a consolidated report.

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