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Notification Alerts

Mobile App Notifications

MCB’s efficient notification system has the ability to deliver thousands of notifications to all intended recipients promptly. A comprehensive report can also be generated that can track on which device the notification has been sent to, time and delivery status (success/fail) of the notification.
Mobile app notification

Scheduled Notifications

Engage teachers in constant communication with school management by creating unlimited groups and encouraging group conversations.

WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp Integration

Expand your reach with high deliverability, security, and engagement integrating WhatsApp. Respond to Parents’ messages instantly with AI.

Key highlights:

Send Announcement, Attendance, Holidays, Photo Gallery, Marks, Timetable, Class Diary, Fee Due, Assignments information to parents. Students can post their doubts for assistance from the teacher.
Send staff Login Credentials, Monthly Attendance, Leave Approvals, Holidays, Timetables responding in response to keywords My Login, My Attendance, My Leaves, My Holidays, My Timetable, etc. Teachers can answer parent concerns and queries instantly. Track messages and usage with in-detail stats and logs.

Voice Message

voice message

Deliver customised voice messages to parents

Use ‘type text to speech’ engine or record your own audio or upload an audio file and send it to parents as a voice message. Schedule an automated voice message such as fee due reminders with a custom audio message. Generate reports and analytics for every voice message broadcasting.

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