Omni Channel

Keep track of all your enquiries and registrations and ensure that you do not miss out on any lead which could be a prospective admission.


Web-based Enquiry

Parents can submit an online admission enquiry form on the school website. It notifies system admin and parents about the same by email.

Offline Enquiry

We provide the right tools to deal with walk-in or call-in enquiries and also collate all these enquiries in our centralized student admission application so that no prospective parent is missed out.

Enquiry Follow Up

Handle follow-ups, track enquiry status, record interaction between parents and front office personnel such as date, time response, remarks etc. Send notifications and reminders to the parent via SMS or email concerning further steps of application.

Enquiry Code

Code-based enquiry helps school admin extract entire data enquiry count made through different modes such as web, walk-in, etc. Generate sibling enquiry code without creating a duplicate enquiry.

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