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Data Privacy Commitment

MyClassboard treats your data with the same care as our own. Our track record bears witness to our priority in this direction. After 12 years, we still uphold our clients’ promises.

A company’s model shapes its privacy commitment. We choose one that does not compromise your privacy. Our business model is simple: we provide outstanding technology at a low cost. You pay us when you discover value in our services. We have no hidden intentions or back-end arrangements with third parties.
Our top business ethics are recognized through an ISO 27001 Certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It showcases our firm commitment to the ethical handling of our user data and regulatory compliances.
We don’t own your data not share it.
We do not sell your
We refrain from advertising based on your data.

Business Model & Privacy

We do not follow an ad-based business model.

MyClassboard treats your data with the same care as our own. Our track record bears witness to our priority in this direction. After 12 years, we still uphold our clients’ promises.

No Backdoor transactions

We treat our consumers like family, so we keep our business model and policies clear. We don’t want to generate money by compromising our users’ data. Unfortunately, in the SaaS business, “backdoor transactions” between technology providers and service providers are increasingly violating the privacy of customers’ data. We stand against it with our total commitment.

Data Tracking & User Privacy

No Surveillance

User tracking (for ads) has become full-grown surveillance. We at MyClassboard oppose surveillance of our users. We don't let third parties track you when you use MyClassboard products. Third-party trackers are also removed from our websites. In addition, we undertake privacy audits regularly.


All data sent to our servers via public networks is encrypted. Therefore, we require TLS 1.2/1.3 encryption with powerful cyphers for all connections to our servers. It includes online API, mobile apps, and IMAP/POP/SMTP email client connections.

Data Infrastructure & User Privacy


We own our entire technology policies. It improves our client experience and gives our consumers peace of mind. Our consumers need not be concerned about competitors acquiring "backdoor analytics" on their service usage. We value our users' confidence and believe it is non-negotiable. In addition, we notify customers when we employ third-party integrations to improve service.

We do not depend on ad providers.

We do not seek profit from our users' actions. Our network has no ad providers. Using internet ads undermines customer-provider confidence. Service staff track feature usage to improve service and maintain improving offers. This is our core strategy.

Stay Private on our Platform

No investor demands

We are a privately held firm. We intend to remain so. Investors do not support us, and we want to keep it thus. As a result, we are free from external pressure and can make decisions that benefit our customers and staff.

We uphold our business ethics.

We are motivated by morality. We have never hesitated to choose right over quick profit throughout our journey, which is our company's fundamental value. We are content to grow at our own pace, and we are not in any hurry. We will not deviate from our chosen route because we have no investors or other stakeholders to answer.

Our Commitment

Since 12 years of our existence

MyClassboard's journey has taken a long time. We are pro-business. We believe in creating and maintaining user relationships. We want our clients to succeed as much as we do. During our last 12 years, we held loyalty to our customers and won our clients' trust. As a result, our clients are part of our MyClassboard family.

Privacy Commitment

It's a simple call. Our clients pay us, and we can't betray their trust. We won't bore you with legalese. We have decided what is ethically and legally permissible. Trust takes time to develop. That trust must be earned. You may trust us too.