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Student Management System

School management software system is a web-based global application, which helps in managing student data.School management software services are online admission, data storage, grade book, E-learning, attendance, schedule management, student performance track, accounting and reporting.

Mobile Apps

Myclassboard mobile apps are available for parents, students, class teachers, and accountants.Our mobile apps make parents feel more informed by having information at fingertips and free up school office administration.


Biometric / RFID for attendance

Online Payment Gateway

Tally / Focus

Vehicle tracking / GPS

OMR reader for objective type assessments

About Us

Educational institutions have made monumental strides in the way that programs are delivered and student information is managed. Many institutes continue to be plagued by challenges of information management.On the other hand, a school's information management system might not be set up to support unexpected larger than anticipated loads, putting that institute between a rock and a hard place. This is where MyClassboard.com comes handy.

MyClassboard.com is an online information management system that can be used by any educational institute. It can track information regarding students, teaching staff, non teaching staff and all other support services in an institute.Just an internet connection is needed. No redundancy on software and hardware costs.

Clients Testimonials


CBSE Schools

Central Board of Education is one of its kind edu-system which in true indian-originated. This is peculiar education system is not only one the best but also has one of the most complicated grading system is which constantly remodeled.To keep in force and train the staff every time when there’s change in curriculum and assessment methodology is a tiresome.

Pre Schools

We understand the world of preschools and their unique requirements. Pre school is the foundation for all kids. Myclassboard helps preschools in preparing their curriculum. Our system has the flexibility of assessing the kids periodically as per the learning objectives. Activity based fee collection process is best suited for pre schools.

State Board Schools

State Board Schools curriculum is not that burdening but, evolving with technology is very important. We unleash your ways to reduce your paperwork and introduce that with data management software where you can store, share and download any detail regarding anything of your school anywhere at any point in time.










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