Whatsapp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app prominent across the globe. It’s important for schools to pay attention to the digital tools that stakeholders widely use. Considering the massive growth of instant messaging, it’s no question that these channels have a sizeable impact on parent-school engagement. Direct messaging boasts the benefits of being quick and convenient – perfect for students and parents on the go – while still retaining a personal touch. These tools provide a powerful mode of communication for schools through both manual and automated messaging. MCB’s WhatsApp Alerts feature is an integral part of the Communication module. It makes the process of sending messages more reliable and secure.


Email and SMS have long been the most common channels for communication to connect with their stakeholders. They are effective channels in their own right. However, in an omnichannel world, that’s rapidly changing. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have the capabilities that allow you to have a significant impact on parent satisfaction while expanding reach, improving deliverability, sharpening security, and achieving other engagement goals.

With WhatsApp Alerts, bring all communications on a single, scalable platform

  1. Schools can now communicate securely with Parents and Staff.
  2. View the status of every message with their timestamps, to ensure real-time delivery.
  3. Staff can receive their Login Credentials, Monthly Attendance, Leave Approvals, Holidays, Timetable by simply sending keywords as My Login, My Attendance, My Leaves, My Holidays, My Timetable and so on.
  4. Let learning not be limited to classrooms. Students are enabled to post their doubts for assistance from the teacher.
  1. School admins can answer parent concerns and queries instantly.
  2. Comprehensive tracking of costs, messages and usage with in-detail stats and logs.
  3. Our state-of-the-art AI responds to Parents’ messages instantly. Parents will now be able to receive the required information by sending just a keyword. The announcement, Attendance, Holidays, Photo Gallery, Marks, Timetable, Class Diary, Fee Due, Assignments!

MyClassBoard WhatsApp Workflow

    1. 1. Get Whatsapp Service Activated by MyClassBoard Sales Manager
  1. 2. The WhatsApp messages will be sent to parents from the number +91-9346998799
Template Based Messages Interactive Conversations
School Admin is allowed to send template based messages to the WhatsApp numbers of Class/Sections/Specific Students/ Class Groups /Parents Parents subscription is MANDATORY
Parents can subscribe through the Student/Parent portal (or) Send a message to +91-9346998799 by typing WSALERTS space STUDENT ENROLLMENT CODE Example:WSALERTS 20MCB10004.
School Admin is allowed to send template based messages to any WhatsApp numbers of Staff School can send any custom message to parent along with voice/pictures/videos/files after the subscription or the parent's first message to the school WhatsApp within 24hours.
The first template based message cost would be 44paisa + taxes per message. If parent replies to the template based message within 24hours, the cost would be 5paisa+taxes The cost for each custom message would be 5paisa + taxes. If parent replies to the custom message within 24hrs the message cost would be 5paisa +taxes.
Parent can send custom messages to the school using text, images, videos, voice and documents. If the parent first message crosses 24hrs, school cannot reply to the parent message. School then can send only template based messages.
For example if the day's session starts from 18-06-2020 6PM , then the end of the session would be 19-06-2020 5:59PM. During this session, if parent sends a custom message, the cost of the message would be 5paisa + taxes. If school replies to the parent's first message with in 24 hours, the cost would be 5paisa+taxes.

Parent - School WhatsApp Conversations

Parent subscribing to WhatsApp through Parent Portal

Parent subscribing to WhatsApp using Keyword

School sharing student diary using the template

A Parent receiving a message from school

A Student sending a custom message to the school

Teacher replying to the student’s message

A student receiving a reply