Making Communication More Effective with WhatsApp

Auto-respond to keywords, share text, documents, pictures, videos and create different groups
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WhatsApp for Business will make communication easy, for parents and scalable for staff. A combination of WhatsApp and our ERP features makes it a perfect tool for home-school and within school communication. Schools can create their business profile, write a description and add website information or link.

How it works

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For Parents

Auto-respond to parents’ messages seeking information capturing keywords like Announcement, Attendance, Holidays, Photo Gallery, Marks, Timetable, Class Diary, Fee Due, Assignments. Students can post doubts for assistance from the teacher.

For Schools

School admins can answer and respond to parent concerns and queries. Track costs, message delivery and usage with in-detail stats and logs. School staff can receive their Login Credentials, Monthly Attendance, Leave Approvals, Holidays, Timetable by simply sending keywords as My Login, My Attendance, My Leaves, My Holidays, My Timetable and so on.
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