Visitor Management Software

MyClassboard brings a sophisticated, paperless Solution
that secures your school premises for the safety of students,
staff, visitors and other members.   Say good-bye to manual entries by
logging visitors in our powerful interface for recording and processing your visitor’s information.

COMPLETE Visitor Management SOLUTION

Visitor Management Features

Build Great Confidence

With our in-depth understanding of your school needs, we at MCB support you to achieve much more than just managing your visitors. Our Visitor management software is helping more than 2000 schools to provide great confidence to the parents of over 3 million students across 125 cities about their child's safety and security at school. 

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Building a Brand Impression

Whether it be a parent or an outsider visiting your school, create a welcoming atmosphere with MCB's Visitor Management Solution linked to a powerful web-based dashboard and build a strong brand impression.

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Ease of Administration

MCB empowers the School Administrator by enabling centralized management to keep track of all visitors within the premises, enable compliance, and facilitate timely communication between security teams, employees as well as visitors minimising your overall efforts.

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Optimize Security Efficiency

Maximize your Security staff's efficiency to welcome the visitors and to give a sense of satisfaction by interacting professionally while taking information, and save time spent in coordination among various teams.

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Safety First

For My Classboard safety of Students comes first! Our software helps you in keeping unauthorized entrants away from school premises. You can now give complete peace of mind to your parents and focus on school compliance.

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Parent Visitors Log

MCB's Visitor Management software automatically retrieves information from the database making it easy for the Security personnel to identify whether the visitor is a parent, a guardian or an outsider. The system helps in capturing information if the parents are visiting to pick-up student or to meet the Administration office.

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Outsider Visitor Log

The software prompts the security personnel to capture required information like name, mobile number, vehicle number and Email ID to instantly verify the visitor through an OTP validation process.

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Student Gate Pass

MCB ensures that every student taking permission to leave the school is accompanied by parent or other relation who is verified while entering the school. The security personnel can capture the photo of the student along with the person accompanied and create a record with time-stamp of the gate pass. The system automatically notifies the principal by mail ensuring proper communication.

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Staff Gate Pass

Issuing Staff Gate Pass becomes easy with MCB reducing time and effort of the senior personnel by empowering security desk to handle the job. The reporting authority giving permission is automatically notified by mail avoiding future communication gaps in the system.

Manage Your Visitors

MCB helps you swiftly handle numerous visitors coming to your school. Transform your security into a modern visitor managing desk with our easy to handle software with rich features which enable you to provide prompt service.

Empower School Administration

Our software solution is extremely convenient and comes stacked with a host of impressive features to address any type of school visitor needs while offering substantial benefits like reduction in cost, time and efforts with best in class support.

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Capture Photos

The traditional log book does not help you in storing visitor information with a photograph. With MCB you can capture a photo of the visitor, print and keep a record in your instantly accessible database.

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Update Gate-pass

OThis built-in feature enables the Security to update exit time of the visitors and entry time of students and staff who took a gate-pass. The School Administrator can monitor the duration of stay of each visitor inside the campus and duration of break away from school of the student and staff of the school.

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Tracking Gate Passes

MCB makes it easy for the Management to keep a check on number of Gate Passes issued to a student, teacher or other staff members requesting to leave the school premises with a reason. Also, helps the Management to analyse the activity reports, check the patterns based on reasons mentioned, and to optimize the performance of the staff with real time log of movements during school hours.

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Easy Print

My Classboard’s easy to print interface help’s in generating & printing entry passes, Gate passes with a permanent record in your anytime accessible database which is important to identify authorised visitors within the premises. Your Admin can even print customised reports from the mobile app

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Capture Accurate Information

This solution comes with inbuilt fields to capture accurate information related to the visitors, and keeps record of important details like Name, mobile number, photograph, people they are visiting and so on. You can also add a visitor type and customize the details you would like to capture from them.

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Instant Verification

Immediately verify the information provided by the visitor through an OTP verification process. The person whom the visitor intends to meet is instantly intimated by Mobile App and an email so they know who's coming-in to visit them.

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Approval based entry

If the outsider is visiting an employee, the concerned employee is sent a Mobile app notification to allow or deny the visit request of the Visitor. This two-way communication ensures access restricted/granted by the Security personnel only when a confirmation is received from the employee.

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Live Tracking

MCB helps you keep a record of frequent visitors leading to faster logging process thereby making visitor entry process smoother. Know who is in your school, what is their purpose of visit and whom are they meeting. MCB helps in giving more confidence to the parents on the safety of their child(ren).

Improvise Security Measures

MCB provides unaltered and clean insightful visitor data that could be useful in providing solutions to your Schools visitor management needs. This is done by placing your School name and logo on the interface at all times. This style is perfect for impressing your visitors and making a statement that you mean real safety to the definition.

Dashboarding & Analytics

Selecting the best visitor management software for your school is a huge responsibility and MCB makes it easier for you. Now you don’t have to worry about visitor books and illegible data. This solution unlocks whole new features which enable you, now to see patterns of the time spent on visitor engagements and optimize as you deem fit.

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Role-based Admin Hierarchy

MCB allows creating a role-based hierarchy for accessing information. Members can only view information as per the clearance level assigned to the role which protects the visitor data from being stolen, non-compliance, tampering and so on.

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Real Time Dashboarding

Our user-friendly Visitor Management software can quickly and easily generate reliable and accurate customized reports for monitoring, compliance and audits. The school management can maintain a searchable log of all visitors with Live Dashboard, advance analytics and so on.

Keep track of voucher generation

Analytical Reporting

View and filter your visitor logs and get analytical insights on staff, student and visitor movements in and out of your campus. Now you can review performance, access student and staff activity reports and consolidate all the records at one place, export data in Excel or CSV formats using MCB data cloud technology.

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Secure Workflows

MCB eliminates reliance on unproductive manual paperwork and workflow processes by automating visitor management with SMS/email/App based communication interface.

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RFID Visitor Tags

With RFID technology, be assured of identifying parent visitors with the electronic capture of visitor tags at each of the secured zones installed with RFID readers across the school premises.

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Handle Emergency Situations

School Administrators will now have a clear understanding of the number of people in the premises to plan logistics and operational support during emergency situations. MCB gives maximum situational control and awareness of security events with no gap in communication or coordination between teams.

Timely Communication & Coordination

Establishing proper communication channel is of prime importance for any school to handle any situation and MCB has proven to be a blessing in disguise in offering this powerful feature which made us to be the most preferred visitor management service provider.