Transport Mobile App

MyClassboard Transport app helps the transport incharge to keep track of every bus, its travel time, bus routes, the student ridership,
transport scheduling. Also effectively manage day-to-day needs of school transport, transport expenses and fleet maintenance with
our school transport app.


The transport tracking app enables transport supervisors to maintain smooth functioning of all the vehicles
under their command by giving them constant monitoring capabilities of each and every single bus in the fleet.
Manage bus routes and stops, vehicle information, optimize bus routes, track vehicle and students in real-time
with the school mobile app for transport.

transport app feature
transport app tracking

Live Tracking

The GPS bus tracking system integrated into the transport app, allows the transport incharge
to track the bus live and monitor the bus location from anywhere.

Track Routes

Track the bus routes and precisely know the whereabouts of every student in the buses.
The mobile tracking app also helps to track when a bus has gone off route.

transport app routes
transport app attendance


Maintain a student transport data of all the students availing transport facility
ensuring the student was present on the bus to and fro.