Yield better Progress with MCB's Efficient Teaching Plans

Schools and teachers alike can define teaching plans independent of the other. Improve students'performance with the teaching plan suitable for their curriculum and learning. Stay in the loop with the teachers with respect to course completion.

Teaching Plan

Catering to the needs of the school as per the academic program. MCB primarily offers two types of Teaching Plans

Defined by Schools

A school’s academic team plans the teaching plan and topic plan with no teacher’s intervention. The academic plan made by the dedicated team is reviewed by the Principal and approved. The plan is then presented to the teachers to update the details with Remarks and completion Percentage. Suitable for schools with readymade curriculum plans to follow for teachers.

Defined by Teachers

School can define the fundamental structure with periods and tentative dates to cover a chapter. Teachers are then expected to update the topic plan and completion percentage day-wise in the teaching plan

In-Detail Review by Academic Team and Principals

The teaching plan submitted by the academic team or teachers is ideally reviewed and approved by their respective supervisor to ensure the authenticity of the teaching program.

Customised Teaching Plan Template

Schools can determine specific fields and give unique title for various fields of the lesson plan (as per school’s terminology).

Comprehensive Reports

Detailed reports in the following formats for better understanding and visualisation of progress.

1. Chapterwise 2. Subject wise 3. Teacher wise 4. Period wise Reports help schools and teachers understand the progress on curriculum coverage as per the school’s program and guidelines. You can track details like completion percentage topic wise, chapter-wise, overdue chapters and on-time completion, and so much more.