Teacher Mobile App

MyClassboard teacher mobile app is an exclusive mobile app designed for teachers to make everyday classroom tasks like attendance,
marks, assignments etc., simple for them. Achieve greater efficiency with MyClassboard teacher app. The mobile app for teachers enhances communication between teachers and parent in a modern and user-friendly way.


Using this school mobile app, teachers can upload class diary, assignments, mark daily attendance of every individual student, mark events in the event calendar, upload photos related to various events, update and intimate parents with the upcoming events, circulars or notices beforehand.
Teachers can also communicate with parents by sending individual notices or SMS using the mobile app for teachers.

teacher app feature

teacher app attendance


Teachers can mark daily the attendance of every student using the teacher app
and parents can access the information from parent mobile app.

Exam Marks

This application enables the teachers to enter the marks or grades of students
and the parents can access these grades from their mobile app.

App for Exam marks

teacher app Assignments

Homework and Assignments

Using the user-friendly interface, teachers can upload class diary, homework
and class assignments making it feasible for parents and students.

Time Table

The MyClassboard teacher app allows teachers to check their timetable
from wherever they are for that particular day or week.

teacher app timetable

teacher app gallery

Upload Photos

Teachers can upload and store photos pertaining to special days and events
like Annual day function, Sports day function or any other special occasion.


Teachers can even apply for leaves using the teacher app. They can also check for the number of leaves available before applying for a leave from their smartphones.

teacher app leaves