Head Office Support

Customer Support

Ticket Raising System: Ticket Raising System Going an extra mile, MyClassboard Support cell offers a facet where every single query is recorded with a unique ticket ID. The services are made available only during business hours i.e., 9:00 am – 6: 00 pm from Mon – Sat (During Working Days).
Queries on
1. Training
2. Customization
3. Report a Bug
Any questions or client issues on the aforementioned are constructively handled by the support cell.
Customer Support

Head Customer Support

In any instance where the problem couldn’t be fixed by the HO Support, it is escalated to the Head Customer Support who will address the issue. We would love to travel with you throughout by offering our best-in-class services as long as you are hitched with us. If you are willing to travel with us too, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Head Operations

This is the last and the high level of escalation, where the problem that could not be addressed in the Level 2 by the Head Customer Suppport is passed on to the Head Operations.


Experienced team with a strong domian and product knowledge.
Every member of the team being an IT professional with expertise in IT solutions.
Support Team is available 24×7.
Dedicated team for every product who also monitor product usage.

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