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Are you tired of the customer support from your existing vendor?
Are you looking for an extensive support cell that collaborates with your system?

Then you are at the right place ! MyClassboard furnishes perfect school ERP software that enhances the efficiency in school operations
and management, and also meets your objectives. Being cost-effective, user-friendly and easily manageable software,
MyClassboard is very flexible and versatile to use.

We provide state-of-the-art client services with an expertise in rendering complete quality service simultaneously taking care of your
specific requirements.

Way ahead with MyClassboard - Anytime and Anywhere

With 24x7 technical assistance, our qualified technical support engineers and dedicated training personnel will help you
in the successful implementation and development anytime and anywhere depending on your convenience and feasibility.
We would love to travel with you throughout by offering our best-in-class services as long as you are hitched with us.
If you are willing to travel with us too, then do not hesitate to contact us .

Phone Support

(+91) 40-48584444

Email Support


HO Support

Every product in MyClassboard has a separate department in Head Office. Any queries or problems with regard to the value added products will be answered by the support team of that respective department.

  • LEVEL 1

    Customer Support

    Ticket Raising System

    Going an extra mile, MyClassboard Support cell offers a facet where every single query is recorded with a unique ticket ID. The services are made available only during business hours i.e., 9:30 am - 5: 30 pm from Mon - Fri.

    Queries on

    1. Training
    2. Customization
    3. Report a Bug
    Any questions or client issues on the aforementioned are constructively handled by the support cell.

  • LEVEL 2

    Head Customer Support

    In any instance where the problem couldn't be fixed by the HO Support, it is escalated to the Head Customer Support who will address the issue.

  • LEVEL 3

    Head Operations

    This is the last and the high level of escalation, where the problem that could not be addressed in the Level 2 by the Head Customer Suppport is passed on to the Head Operations.

Support Strengths

Experienced team with a strong domian and product knowledge.

Support Team is available 24x7

Every member of the team being an IT professional with expertise in IT solutions.

Dedicated team for every product who also monitor product usage.

Onsite Support

You'll find our Head Office in Hyderabad with Field Teams in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other cities in India. All on-site support is accelerated by the Field Teams in the respective locations.

  • LEVEL 1

    Implementation Team

    On-site related tasks like training and implementation process are handled by the field teams.

    MyClassboard implementation team has qualified and dedicated personnel with a minimum experience of 5 years in the field of implementation and who have a thorough knowledge on the operations and functions of the school. The implementation team garners the school administration to resolve all school related issues.

    Implementation Process

    1. Data Migration: All the relevant data that should be included in the database is collected from the client, uploaded and checked for accuracy and completeness. The data migration is done from the Head Office under consistent monitoring.
    2. Training: The training activity is not a lengthy and a heavy process, it just takes 3-4 days of time. No need to setup or install any hardware or software. We offer training at the client’s location to help the users gain an initial understanding of how the software works.
    3. Product Usage Monitoring: Post-Implementation, the product usage is constantly monitored for 1 month. If any further assistance required during this phase, client visiting is facilitated as and when required.
    4. Sign Off: An authorization is taken from the client towards the end of each phase in the implementation process.
    5. Go Live - Sign Off: This is the final authentication or accreditation from the client after the successful implementation of the software.
    6. Billing: After the successful implementation, our implementation executive will collect all the required sign offs, post which our billing will start irrespective of product usage.

  • LEVEL 2

    Implementation Head

    In any instance where the problem couldn't be fixed by the Implementation Team, is escalated to the Implementation Head who will address the issue.

  • LEVEL 3

    Operations Head

    This is the last and the high level of escalation, where the problem that could not be addressed in the Level 2 by the Implementation Head is further passed on to the Head Operations.

Implementation Strengths

Pro-active client care.

Integrated Training Programme.

Frequent visiting to clients.

We ensure on-time data entry with 99.9% accuracy.

Regular upgradations in the software.

Personalized training on-site and online.