MCB’s Robust Subject Management Makes Subject Wise Evaluation Simpler

Teachers can easily create Subjects and group them individually for complex calculations and extensive reporting. Assign teachers to respective subjects and students to their respective choice of language and optional subjects. And do so much more right on MCB!

Subjects Management

  1. Create Subjects according to the curriculum while you can group them as academic, non-academic, CGPA and Non-CGPA for specific calculations and comprehensive reporting.
  2. Easily map subjects to Categories like Languages, Optionals, Core Subjects. Assign specific subjects concerning a branch (as per board) to make identification easy for teachers.
  3. Add curriculum items covered under each subject such as Chapters and Topics and assign syllabus covered for an exam while creating a test.
  1. Create Subject Skill-Specific grading scale and Subject Reflections criteria for entering grades and remarks. Record Subject Wise Observations and align reports with distinct areas of assessment.
  2. Create subject skills and set weightage to these skills based on the assessment criteria. This also facilitates comprehensive skill-based reporting.
  3. Assign teachers to the subjects and students to languages and optional subjects as per selection.