Student /staff Forms

Student/staff Forms

  1. Use an existing form template as a starting point or use a blank form template and customise it. Create customised dynamic student, staff and general forms with an extensive field customisation.
  2. Save parents/staff time by populating form fields and minimise errors. With student forms, schools and parents can capture data fields whereas staff forms allow the specific user to capture data against the staff.
  3. Grant and restrict visibility to users based on your target user audience. General forms help you collect data from outsiders (Non MCB users) along with the payment. Generate consolidated and detailed reports classwise.
  1. MCB’s Data Related Forms have become a standard in schools, providing a paperless way to collect student data for various classes, sections. Design, create and generate your own data related forms. You can custom design the form multiple times. Generate forms by capturing data from MCB portal for easy form generation (class wise, all sections/classes, branch wise), ready to print and use.