student/Parent Portal

Increase Parental Engagement with MCB's Student & Parent Portal

Parents can now communicate effectively with teachers and keep track of their Ward's scholastic activities such as academics, attendance, announcements, report cards and so much more!

All-In-One Platform for Effective School-Parent Communication

MCB understands the significance of home-school communication. For this reason, we have a solution that makes parent and teacher interaction efficient and easy; thereby encouraging the accomplishment of students. MCB has seamlessly integrated educational activities and two-way communication feature into MCB Parent app and web portal.

MCB Parent app/web offers to view student’s academic progress, attendance, assignments, assessments, latest test results, end of term reports and so much more. With this all-in-one communication solution – accessible via web and mobile devices – parents and students gain access to countless features.

Once a Parent/Student is enrolled in MCB, their portals are activated and they can now use via web and mobile. We offer app menus in several Indian languages for parents’ convenience. Languages offered are Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada besides English.

MCB Web portal

On MCB Web portal, Parent logs in using the school URL and their login credentials. Schools can choose web parent portal theme from the templates available on MCB. School can easily customise the experience for parents by selecting brand colours for the web parent portal.

MCB Mobile App

Parents and students can use the MCB Mobile App for both Android and iOS Schools can make use of MCB Common Parent App or avail customized mobile app to give a customized school experience to all stakeholders.

Customized Parent App

Schools can have their own app designed and ready for parents on the Play Store and App with their unique branding and desired theme. Schools can custom-select the features they wish to show on the app while Parents can log in seamlessly without having to select the school name.

MCB Common Parent App

We offer all the built-in features of MCB for parents/students on our MCB Common Parent App. Parents can log in by selecting the school’s name and entering their login credentials

  1. Parents can view Announcements created by the school every day and keep themselves updated.
  2. Parents can send and receive SMS and Chat messages to and from the school staff from the parent login.
  3. Using Anecdotes, Parents can track the observations recorded by teachers for the child’s behaviour in diverse settings.
  4. Parents can keep track of their child’s Attendance month on month
  5. Photo albums uploaded by the school with respect to school events, classroom activities and other celebrations can all be accessed using the Photo Gallery module.
  6. Parents can submit their Feedback and Fill Surveys schools create for distinct categories varying from general to subject-specific areas.
  7. Parents can submit the TC Request Application while mentioning the reason for the same.
  8. Parents can view the Event Calendar scheduled by the school with important dates such as upcoming events, celebrations, field trips, exams, holidays, and more.
  9. Parents can pay the fee online on the go using their preferred method.
  1. Parents can view the number of books issued by the school and returned by students in an academic year using the Library module.
  2. Using the Lunch Menu feature, Parents can view the school’s food menu items for the day.
  3. Parents can view the upcoming Parent Teachers Meet Schedules organised by the school.
  4. Parents can track child’s Health Details recorded by school periodically.
  5. Parents can apply for Student Leaves to inform the class teacher and principal along with the reason for absence. They can also Send Special Notes for the class teacher and principal’s disposal.
  6. Parents can download an IT Certificate with the paid fee details for tax submission.
  7. Discipline module allows Parents to view the observations and action taken by school officials with respect to school disciplinary matters.
  8. Parents can Purchase Books prescribed by the school based on the child’s class and offered languages. They can also simply Purchase Uniforms online.
  9. Parents can view and download the Fee Invoice raised by the school.
  1. Students can view both offline and online assignments and submit subject wise Online Assignments using text and attachments
  2. Students can access their Class Diary to understand the respective day’s class and homework.
  3. Students can prepare for classes ahead of time by viewing the weekly Timetable.
  4. Online Exams module enables students to attempt time-based and self-paced online exams created by the school.
  1. Students can attend Online Classes from their login and also access the previously hosted class recordings in case they missed it.
  2. Students can view their Report Cards conducted and published for the various assessments.
  3. Learning League encourages Students to participate in discussions on various topics created by their teachers and peers. The potential to initiate a topic and diving deep into a discussion with peers enhances the quality of learning. Students can also get their doubts resolved by teachers personally through this module.

Share Login Credentials and Track Usage

Schools can share the login credentials with parents through SMS, Email and WhatsApp. School administrators can closely track the login statistics of parents/students to understand the following:

  • The number of parent users who have logged in for the specified period via the web portal and app distinctly.
  • The number of parent users yet to login via the web portal and app individually.
  • The number of app installations on Android & iOS.
  • Last login date and time of a respective user.
  • The device type the app is being used on using the device logs.
  • Whether the notifications are fired to the app or not.

Special Integrations

Schools can smartly invest in Special Integrations in order to opt for value-adding third-party integrations such as Mindbox, Nexool digital library, Erudex, content library, Radio, and more that can be accessed right on MCB portal.