MCB Efficiently Works as the Most Trusted Bulk SMS Service Provider for Schools. We help Schools Interact with Parents by Sending Bulk SMS in Just a Few Clicks, be it for Important Reminders, Birthday Wishes, Fee Over Dues, Results, Announcements and other School Related Activities. We got it all on MCB at an affordable pricing for Schools of All Sizes!


MCB transitions into a bulk SMS provider platform for schools with affordable and practical plans and pricing for every size of the institution. Got important information to share with students and parents in one go? We got you.

It’s no surprise to see almost every person using a mobile phone these days. It is a smart choice for schools to have a bulk SMS provider to communicate with all their stakeholders (teachers, students, principal, staff and parents) as it makes communication easy and hassle-free.

  1. Bulk SMS for educational institutions (of all sizes) has proven to be of great assistance as it can be helpful in managing attendance. For example, you can send forth SMS to all the absentee student parents informing their child’s absence when the student fails to attend school.
  2. It efficiently builds the communication gap between parents and the school management. It fosters direct communication between teachers and parents.
  3. As parents receive SMS within a few minutes of delivery, it makes bulk SMS services an ideal choice for every school, both big and small.
  4. In a nutshell, parents get to keep track of their child's overall performance.
  5. It is impractical to send messages to students individually. Ergo, if a class is cancelled or postponed or if there is a change in timings, all this key information can be quickly conveyed to thousands within a span of a few seconds. There is no need to type an SMS for each student as the bulk SMS gateway meets that requirement.
  1. Systematic management of the school has given rise to the demand of school SMS services. Important information such as PTM date and time, Fee Due SMS, Transport related SMS, etc. can be sent to the parents.
  2. Schools use bulk SMS services to send notifications about exam dates, time table, etc. for better information dissemination.
  3. Receiving SMS does not require an internet connection which makes the bulk SMS service a reliable and feasible source of conveying information
  4. Communication management becomes easy and efficient as it is just a click away.
  5. Create brainstorming webinars for students across all branches.
  6. MCB is here to help schools of all sizes meet their communication needs with our bulk SMS services.

Why MCB as your bulk SMS provider?

The answer is simple. As our robust panel that’s already integrated with MCB app and portals, it makes marketing campaign more effective.
  1. Cost-Effective Packages
  2. Recharge online
  3. Simple & User-Friendly Dashboard.
  4. Schedule SMS alerts
  5. Send SMS in any language
  1. Send Customized and template based SMS
  2. Resend SMS for undelivered numbers
  3. Detailed delivery reports with status.
  4. SMS that gets notified even the Parents’ devices are on DND

Bridging the Communication Gap Between Parents and Teachers! with MCB’s SMS Alerts!

MCb’s school SMS Alerts system is the most trusted platform for schools to directly communicate with the parents. Teachers and school administration can effortlessly notify about school announcements, examination schedule, and absenteeism report to the parents by SMS Alerts. Schools can now send direct SMSes 24X7 and efficiently track of delivery report. Our cost-effective technology is used widely by the school administration.

SMS Alerts Categories

Birthday Wishes SMS Alerts

Send birthday wishes to staff and students on their special day without fail with our automated SMS Alerts system.

Payment Summary SMS Alerts

School admins can schedule SMS Alerts to receive previous day payments summary.

Custom SMS Alerts

Send custom SMS Alerts to parents and staff for upcoming exams' schedule, as a PTM reminder, announcement and more. Any unscheduled holidays, events, news, classes, etc that ought to be declared due to unforeseen circumstances, can be easily handled on a real-time basis.


  1. Default templates are available to send specific messages.
  2. Emergency information/notice can be informed to the parents, staff, and students instantly.
  3. With SMS Alerts, school admin can inform absentee information, transportation changes or interruptions, weather alerts, class cancellation/allotment, holiday updates, special classes, exam schedules, school event details and more.
  4. Deliver messages to selected students, individual students, selected class or all classes with just a few clicks.
  5. Schedule messages and automate message delivery without delays.
  1. Teachers can send exam results to students and parents instantly.
  2. Schedule and send birthday greetings, school event details, festival wishes to parents and students.
  3. Teachers can send PTM information to parents in advance to help them manage their schedule accordingly. This helps to efficiently cross-check parent visits through verification using delivery reports.
  4. School admins can send information about student fees, dues and last payment dates to parents and maintain smooth cashflow.
  5. Students and parents can be prompted on details such as sports, cultural dates, class homework, class performance reports, attendance data and more.

MCB is a trusted platform by thousands of schools for parent and community engagement. This reliable solution for school communication instantly alerts recipients namely students, parents, guardians, staff/non-teaching staff, and school admin. To cut down paper cost, manpower, and time consumption, schools are investing in MCB School Management Software that is integrated with SMS Alerts System.