School Messenger

Effective and easy messenger between students and parents is very crucial in any school. Our software has an inbuilt messaging system that acts as a connecting bridge and as a reminder system by sending notifications, alerts and user prompt reminders.

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School Messenger Solutions


You can create announcements using our system and target your desired audience (i.e.) all classes/selective classes.

Our version of Whatsapp for your School/College!

Messaging software for schools

Send SMS

SMS is completely integrated with all modules, you can send an SMS for any kind of events like holidays, parent-teacher meeting, staff meeting etc., to parents with ease.

Communication software for schools

Intranet Emails

In-built communication tool that works along the lines of a traditional email service but completely cut off from communications from World Wide Web.

School notice board software

Virtual School Notice Board

You can create announcements using our system and target to your desired audience i.e. all classes or selective classes.

School parent communication

Upload Event Photos

Never miss out on any memorable events, our system provides a good platform to create all events like Annual day celebration, picnic etc., and upload photos.

Apps for teachers to communicate with parents

Digital Diary

Gone are the days when teachers would sit and mention the daily assignments and home-works in the diary for parents to check and get the children to comply. Now, the teacher can enter the information directly using his/her mobile applications.

Schoool communication software

Chatting & Group Conversation

Based on schools preference we can provide this facility using which teachers can interact with parents and vice versa or form groups and discuss matters of importance.

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  • The School Messenger Tool has helped us in improving the communication between teachers, students and parents. We can now intimate students and parents regarding holidays, parent-teacher meeting and other events with just an SMS. This SMS service has removed a burden from our shoulders of old practices like generating notices to all students across the school.

    Mr. Samprith Kumar Chennai Public School
  • The School Messenger module of MyClassboard has been a major help to us by performing timely intimation of notices to parents and students. The SMS alert service has served us best prompting the parents regarding the fee payment and dues beforehand. We can just relax by alerting the parents with an SMS or mail regarding the fee payment rather than generating individual notices for each student.

    Mrs. Simran Adnal Delhi School Of Excellence
  • Pulling off the old practices of generating notice and informing about the same to teachers, students and parents, the School Messenger module is much relief to us by using the SMS notifications. Any information or news to be passed on can be done instantly. Announcements of holidays or staff meeting or parent-teacher meeting can be made in advance or even in a short period of time with the help of School Messenger Tool.

    Mr. Aneesh Rohith Silver Oaks
  • There is no doubt MyClassboard application has enhanced the working environment of our school. With its various modules the school administration has become as easy as pie. We couldn’t be happier with the aftermath results of MyClassboard. Thanks to MyClassboard for its extended services in the school management system enabling us to reap the benefits.

    Mr. Amit Mishra Silver Oaks
  • Had it been the old practices of school administration, we would have ultimately ended up in darkness. Thanks to MyClassboard which enlightened our school management system allowing us to have a keen eye on all sectors of administration simultaneously. What else could anyone want?

    Mrs. Hasini Chandra Orchids The International School