Support Greater Student Progress by Addressing their Unique Needs in Parent-Teacher Meeting.

MCB understands the importance every parent gives to nurture their child’s dream and all-round development. PTMs can be conducted online with the help of video conferencing tools anywhere, on any device.

Parent Teacher Meetings

  1. Parent-Teacher meetings (PTMs) play a significant role in the achievement of this goal. Interactions between parents and teachers strengthen the bond between the child, parent, and the teacher. PTMs contribute to a friendly atmosphere for the progress of a student’s personality, where the teachers and the parents acknowledge the child’s aptitude and progress.
  2. The school organises PTMs for better interaction between parents and teachers. Parents must attend PTMs for a more solid and closer rapport with the school and teachers, and to thoroughly evaluate the academic performance of their ward. Now PTMs can be conducted online with the help of video conferencing tools.
  1. Schedule and have brainstorming PTM sessions right from the convenience of your homes.
  2. Improved efficiency without hassles with MCB’s intuitive and user-friendly interface. Increased Parent Involvement in their child’s progress.
  3. Parent-Teacher Meetings help teachers understand students’ needs better.
  4. Schedule PTMs section-wise and class-wise by creating distinctive slots.
  5. Record parents’ attendance for PTMs to help understand parents’ involvement.
  6. Record parents, subject teachers’, class teacher and principal’s feedback in every PTM.