Parent Mobile App

MyClassboard parent mobile app is a communication platform connecting schools and parents using a technological thread.
The mobile app for parents grants an up-to-date view of the children’s school life to the parents and keeps them in the loop.
This app keeps parents updated about their ward's’ academic performance, classroom activities, behavioral aspects, assignments and attendance.


For all those parents who want to know what’s happening in the class, how their child is performing, homework, assignments and other classroom activities, the parent app is the best solution for parents to keep themselves updated time-to-time from wherever they are.

parent app feature
parent app daily dairy

Daily Diary

Gone are those days when parents eagerly waited for their children to come home to view the school homework
and assignments. Parents can access this daily diary component from the parent app to check for the homework
and assignment to be worked on by the children every day.


The parent mobile app enables parents to receive notifications concerning the child’s irregularity, the classroom behavior and performance analysis.

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parent app attendance


This feature helps the parents to track attendance of students – daily attendance or monthly attendance.
It displays a graphical representation of the child’s monthly attendance.

Report Card

The scholastic and co-scholastic grades of the students are shown here making it easy for parents to access
the information from the parent app. The previous examination results of the students can also be viewed.

parent app report card
parent app fee payment

Fee Payment

The fee payment feature enables the parents to pay the fee online using the mobile app from anywhere.
This offers a reliable, secure and feasible fee payment for parents.