Online Exams

Online Exam Software

MCB Qestion Bank is a revolutionary web-based question generator that helps conduct self-assessments, online examinations, and surveys with ease. Its varied question types, automatic grading secured platform, a really simple interface and detailed analytical reports make it the right choice for any kind of school.

Experience top-notch Testing Environment

To beat the tough competition teachers need to expose students to real test environment. Hence, it is imperative for schools to have a bank of questions to train and mentor students to take several assessments. Bearing this in mind, Myclassboard has launched its exclusive product – MCB Q Bank which creates a top-notch testing environment.

Scientifically Designed Assessment Solution

MCB Question Bank is a scientifically designed solution that actively engages students, teachers and parents through an all-in-one app-based solution with features like student-practice, assessment configurator and detailed analytics that enables complete student progress.

Customize Student Assessments

MCB Question Bank allows students to take self-assessments to practise and be sure of their subject knowledge. Teachers are given a free hand to select from many different categories to tailor the assessment for your student. Within each topic, various formats of questions are included, such as knowledge, comprehension, multiple choice, and higher-order thinking formatted questions.

Create Quizzes & Polls

Create quizzes that you prefer chapter wise, lesson wise, complexity level, marks wise and so on to test individual knowledge. This advanced option allows you to quickly create and send quizzes to students. The review feature allows your students to review their answers after they have completed the quiz.

Manage Regular Assessments

MCB Learning drastically minimizes teachers workload and time on manual work. Enables teachers to upload files, documents, images and media in a variety of formats, share, track assignments and send reminders to students via online and mobile devices. Students can also make online submission of assignments from within the system, while teachers can share the feedback with students and parents.

Give & Track Assignments

Teachers can set assignments and encourage students to take these assignments related to various topics. This feature also facilitates productive discussion between teacher and students.

Online Examinations Made Easy

MCB Question Bank is a powerful online Examination software that allows to quickly create structured Question paper using multiple question types and formatting options. Students can take the exam online without the intervention of any person, before the set expiry date for taking exam.

Publish, Monitor & Analyse

MCB Learning makes it real easy to publish and announce online examinations, monitor student participation and instantly get results, reports and analytical data. Get insightful reports on your anytime accessible dashboard. You can view several reports by grade, class, student, subject-wise and so on as per your requirements. The admin can also send Notifications & Reminders to parents for tracking student activity.

App-based automatic grading platform

MCB Question bank is a revolutionary App-based solution that helps schedule student online examinations and generate exam reports instantly. The application automatically gives grading and makes post-exam reviews easier

Streamline Process of Assessments

MCB Q Bank streamlines the whole process of Student progress measurement & evaluation right from creating question papers, setting examination schedules, evaluating answer sheets, generating reports, analysing weak areas plus much more all on a single powerful MCB Learning platform.

Dynamic Evaluation Tool

MCB Q Bank is a dynamic tool that allows you to assign time, set maximum / minimum marks, set difficulty levels, choose type of questions, allot marks against each question, time duration and use different evaluating parameters like Knowledge, Comprehension, and Application questions etc. Helps Student analyse their responses and review their answers to identify the mistakes.

Comprehensive Analysis

MCB Learning gives automatic grading platform, really simple interface and detailed analytical reports make it the right choice for any kind of school. Now, you can generate multiple reports to evaluate student, teacher performance with real-time data.

Enhance School Administration

Enable Focused Counselling

The auto-grading function will save you time and allow you to concentrate on what's important. Teachers can identify students having performance challenges and counsel those students. Constructive Feedback to the parents help tracking the progress of child in-time. You can also create assessments and assign to particular group of students for re-testing and practice.

Prepare – Print

MCB Q Bank enables teachers and instructors in school, to create worksheets, workbooks, assignments, set exam papers and so on. This helps teachers to insert these resources to a lesson online and also have the option of taking prints and distribute to students and / or directly use the question papers during exams organized in school.

Zero Delay – Zero Stress

MCB Q Bank enables scheduling & conducting exams in minutes allowing students to take the exams confidently without any stress and provide them with results without much delay. This helps to keep students motivated and keep moving towards perfect learning experience.

Reminders & Notifications

You can send immediate exam alerts, schedule notifications, receive mail reports on exam & results and send progress reports online to students/parents.

Reduce Manual Efforts & Costs

Students can attend these tests at their own pace while teachers can monitor & assess student progress without worrying about the venue, supervision, cost, time and other effort parameters before scheduling and conducting tests.

Maximize Impact

Comprehensive Question Bank

Give your teachers access to a comprehensive question bank to experiment various approaches & different strategies. Based on insights, the teacher could selectively design, create and plan assessments and decide what next in the learning cycle. Ready-to-use Solutions helps teacher analyse student response and give them feedbacks.

Tap Into Student Potential

MCB Learning facilitates regular and extensive practice of topics based on student’s performance, timely assessments and effective diagnosis of student’s strengths & developmental areas, enables teachers to take informed decisions to improve individual and class’ performance and actively involves parents along with the teachers in the student’s learning.

Build Accountability & Responsibility

MCB Q Bank gives student an opportunity to move in a well-paced manner as per their current capability and over time students move forward in their learning using personal knowledge to construct meaning, foster skills of self- monitoring to realize and identify ways of deciding what to do next. Giving a sense of direction helps in building accountability and taking responsibility of their progress.

Promote Professional Development

MCB Q Bank empowers Teachers to focus on their professional development too! The school management can assess individual teacher performances and plan interventions to keep teachers up to date with the right levels of knowledge. The powerful dashboarding & reporting allows you to track your staff participation and progress.