Notification Alerts

Notification Alerts

MCB’s Efficient School Notification Solution

With MCB’s Notification Alerts, you can quickly notify parents, students, faculty and other staff within a few minutes. Easily send notifications with the click of a mouse. MCB is entirely web-based meaning that there are no installation charges. We provide sizable plans for all school sizes and strive to keep as simple as it can get.

How does MCB’s Notification Solution Help?

MCB’s efficient notification system has the ability to deliver thousands of notifications to all intended recipients promptly.

Generate Reports for Efficient Tracking

Generate comprehensive reports that can track on which device the notification has been sent to, time and delivery status (success/fail) of the notification.

Understanding Types of Notification Alerts in MCB

Custom Push Notifications

Draft and send customized messages manually for a selected class or all classes as push notifications.

Send Birthday Wishes

Schedule and send automated notifications for student and staff birthdays without fail.

School Closure Alerts

Send immediate notification alerts in case of bad weather or any other unforeseen closures.

Emergency Text Notifications

Notify parents, students, teachers and staff in case of an emergency with our easy-to-use text notification feature.

Absentee Notifications

Notify parents of their child’s absence from school by instantly sending a notification to the parent’s phone. This helps parents and teachers alike to track a student’s absenteeism and ways to work together to fix the problem. A notification alert is sent when a student RFID is recorded upon entrance into the school and also when a student is leaving from the school to keep parents updated. Notifications are sent for the morning and afternoon sessions confirming a student’s presence or absence.