September 2021 Newsletter


As Schools are gathering pace to proceed with full speed to cover curriculum by leaps and bounds, we do our part by equipping them with tools that would enhance their process and add value to education.

Our latest feature enhancements


Access additional details for a Consecutive Absentees Report

Note down the admission number with each consecutive absentee student for a detailed report and better understanding.


Library management is much more simplified.

Share details like Book Price along with other information's while issuing books in the library.

  • Explore new dimensions to adjust Library batch codes
    With the latest enhancements, schools get to print library batch codes in a new size.
  • Segregate & send specific communication to students
    As per our latest enhancement, schools can now gear up to send personalized SMS to particular categories of students such as Active or Inactive students or even to Day scholars & Hostelers, etc.

Enrich certificates with additional family details

Certificates hold a sentimental value which we have further enhanced with the addition of parents email ids in the certificate format


Improved leave approval system feature for staffs

Now understand complete statistics of previously availed leaves by staff, as it is essential to manage cumulative leaves in a monthly pay cycle.


Correct exam papers Online

Teachers get much more flexibility for correcting exam papers from anywhere by mentioning annotations & feedbacks from their web logins.


New insight for schools on Pre-Admitted Students Report

Get further helpful information such as student Aadhaar no., Religion, Mother tongue, Caste, Father occupation in a pre-admitted student report.


Multiple options to mention student achievement

We bring more flexibility for schools to mention 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position as student achievement and existing options.

Handle visitors with heightened security features


For staff, it is possible to add remarks while issuing gate passes. Additionally, there is a provision to collect signatures from Employees, HOD, HR, & Security guards on hard copies of gate pass.

For students; A new column will show the name of the gate pass issuer and another column for signatures of Class teachers/ Coordinators, Student, & Duty guards.

For visitors, now schools can note details of out-time, the purpose of visit & duration of meeting on the gate pass for better management.

Improved understanding of student attendance with these features

  • Class teachers are now authorized to maintain & generate subject wise attendance reports.
  • Also, it is possible for students to prints attendance percentage reports for students.
  • Now with a new report show daily, monthly, or specific date ranges for individual students attendance, further get comparative data on the number of classes held to the number of classes attended for the entire class together.

Publish details of RTE students for parent web & mobile apps.

Parents can track due fee status for RTE students & complete report cards on the parent web portal & mobile app.