Newsletter October 2020

Dear Patron,
Greetings from MCB! Hope you and your family are keeping safe and well.
Warm greetings from MCB! Life is getting accustomed to the new “normal”. It’s applaud-worthy how we, as a community, are staying in, stepping out, each day, to make our share of difference, for the ones who believe in us and rely on us. We are back to amaze you with enhancements and updates to improve the MCB experience.

What’s New in MCB?

  • A cool feature called FlashCards for Teachers and School Admins to create Flashcards for themselves and students alike to memorise vocabulary, historical dates, formulas, and more. This serves as a teaching resource for teachers and learning resource (for easy practice, self-assessments) for students.
  • With the new Password Statistics Report, get a count of parent and student login passwords that are changed in the last 30 days, 30 to 60 days, over 60 days, and ones that were never changed. School Admin can send SMS and Email from this report to remind Users about their password change to enhance security.
  • Lock Chapter Content to disable access to chapter summary, files, videos, weblinks in student/parent login.
  • Generate a comprehensive report on Summative Exam Analysis exhibiting details of Attempted and Not Attempted Students along with Marks Secured in selected exams.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Now create Online Assignments class group-wise for selected class groups.
  • We have increased the sub-questions limit to as many as 15 for Passage Type Questions in the Question Bank.
  • Two extra Optional Subjects Creation to the existing 10 for any class.
  • Report Card Signatures is now seen as Digital Signatures with an option to upload Class Category Incharges along with Class Teachers, Coordinators, and Principal. It is now linked with users who are mapped to classes and sections in the teacher management.
  • Exam Marks and Grades Report is generated when the test name is alike across all subjects under single evaluation. This report will list Subject Test Scores, Grand Total, Percentage, Section-Wise Rank, Class-Wise Rank, Remarks. Include, hide or skip (rank) “Fail” in Rank Criteria for failed students. Fail Criteria: When a student secures lower than the minimum marks set or is absent to the test, the student will be considered as fail.
  • Assign students of all branches or selected branches to an Online exam at System Admin level.
  • Enhanced Interface & Navigation to content in student login to view Summary, Videos, Weblinks, Resources, Practice Tests and Your Notes in separate tabs for easy access.
  • Receive a copy of Staff & Student Birthday emails sent and CC column to add emails to.
  • Generate Other Exams Analysis Report sorted by Student name, Enrollment code, Reference Code, Roll number.
  • In Marks Entry Screen, save marks as NA automatically if a student joins after the test date. Schools can change NA to enter marks if needed. Otherwise, the system considers the marks NA by default.
  • See Test Date and the Last Date for Marks Entry details against each test Marks Entry Status Report.
  • Send Fee Due message to parents through WhatsApp with the New Custom Template
  • For improved Staff Task Management, staff can update Class/Sections and Subjects the task has been completed for. From and To Time of the task completion, task completion evidence by uploading up to 20 files worked on – max. 10MB for each file. A single task can be updated multiple times in a day defining time consumed against each task. An email is pushed to the reporting manager as and when staff submits a task
  • Reporting Manager Feedback can provide feedback to staff whenever a task is submitted. A consolidated email is triggered to staff with feedback details.
  • Generate Staff Task Report by selecting all or specific tasks for the selected date range with Staff Task Entry and Reporting Manager Feedback details.
  • Mark Late Arrival and Preparatory Holiday in Student Daily Attendance as Present with the selected option as Remark.

Feature Updates:

  • Add Student Health Details monthly, yearly, and termwise.
  • Select Activities and Skills from Master Data and enter Activity/PET Grade Entry.
  • A monthly Activity Report Card can be generated for students of a section with grades achieved for skills and activities.
  • New UPI Payment Link in Mobile App (UPI Fee Pay) menus. Clients availing the UPI Payment can use this link Pay fee via UPI from the mobile app.
  • Select multiple sections for marks entry at System Admin and Branch level in Summative Exams marks entry screen.
Added Settings at branch level, and moved the following links from Gradebook Menu.

  • Evaluation Percentages
  • Exam Type Percentage
  • Term Percentages
  • Evaluation Report Card Publish Settings
  • Term Report Card Publish Settings
  • Update Result Status (Promotion)
  • 3 Level Calculation Settings
  • Update Marks for Report Card
Added Health & Activity at branch and System Admin level, and moved the following links from the Gradebook Menu.

  • Student Health Details
  • Health & Activity Entry
  • Health & Activity Report Cards
  • Assign Activity Skills to Students
  • Activity/PET Grade Entry
  • Activity Report Cards
We want to take a moment to appreciate your presence and relentless contribution to tomorrow’s generation. It assures us of a brighter future, thank you for being our hero! We promise to come back with more goodness and positivity next month.
Best, Team MCB.